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What steps are required to open a hair salon?

In a time of crisis, messages are raining down on us all over the place to undertake to open our own business. Surely at some point, you have also considered it. One of the sectors most given to the opening of new businesses is that of hair salons. Private initiative, opening your establishment, is the main engine that drives this sector. If you have ever considered opening your own center, you have to consider some steps we will review.

First thing, business plan

It is the first step to starting any business. Also a hairdresser. It must be rigorous, serious and adapted to reality. In it, we must include everything related to our project: budget, financing, ideas, objectives, target audience, and services we would offer (we must assess whether we will be unisex, whether we will offer other types of beauty treatments, etc.), equipment human, business models, state of the sector, assess risks, strategies, advertising (if any), schedules and even the prices we handle for each of our services. All this must also provide for the services that we demand from abroad: lawyers for the legal issue, decorators, computer technicians for the website, and all kinds of labor to carry out the pertinent reforms (bricklayers, painters, electricians…).


There are many hairdressers. The one you open has to be different from the rest, unique. And that differentiation is what can lead you to success. But, of course, if you bet on quality and proximity (hairdressers lately suffer from it), you will have a lot to gain.

You don’t have to be a professional hairdresser!

To begin with, we will tell you something: times have changed. And that means you no longer have to be a professional hairdresser to open one. You just need to be an entrepreneur. Well, and have funding, but we’ll leave that for later. In these times of franchises, for example, it is not necessary to have many ideas for ​​​​hairdressing. But, of course, if you are not an expert, the best thing (essential, come on) is to surround yourself with them.

Choice of venue

In the hair salon business plan, we have included some information that can give clues about the right place to open our business. In this plan, we have defined a series of services we will offer, so we can already guess based on this what minimum size of premises we need and with what distribution. We have also defined our target audience, so we can choose which neighborhood or area suits it. We also have a budget, so we manage a range of what to spend on rent and on reform. And of course, we also have a vision of what the situation of the sector is, so we must take into account if there are nearby establishments that benefit or harm us. The progress of our new business depends a lot on the good choice of the premises and its geographical location.

Investment amount

It is evident that no business project can be launched without money or financing. In the case of a hairdresser, it is difficult to give an exact figure of what we need, since it depends on many variables, although experts suggest that, at a minimum, around 100,000 euros are needed, which will include the rental of premises of about 100 meters square meters, furniture, an adaptation of the premises and works, and everything related to computing and services. On the other hand, if we opt for a franchise, the sufficient investment may be only 60,000 euros. In this case, the ‘matrix’ charges an entrance fee and demands the payment of a ‘royalty and a percentage of your income. Of course, in return, they make available to the franchisees all their knowledge, the image of the brand, continuous training and advice, and help in the search for premises and personnel.


As in any business, the hairdresser also requires a series of bureaucratic procedures and licenses. Normally the chosen premises will not be more than 300 square meters. So no prior opening license will be required for the start of the activity. However, it is important to pay attention to the ordinances of each municipality. As they can vary from one municipality to another. Therefore, before formalizing the rental or purchase of the premises. It is advisable to go to a Collaborating Entity for the Management of Urban Licenses to inform us about their administrative status in case any issue has to be legalized.

Once this procedure has been completed, a technical report and a declaration of responsibility must be submitted to the town hall on duty. And the municipal fees must be paid (which will vary depending on the square meters of the premises). Then, we can start operating, although they will have to grant us the definitive opening license later, granted by the municipal technicians after visiting the premises and verifying everything is in order. In addition, depending on our services. We may also need sanitary licenses granted by the corresponding Ministry of the CCAA in which we operate.

For more information you should visit business plan consultants.

Tax situation

We, as entrepreneurs, can register as self-employed or set up a company through a limited company. It is normally the most popular option since, with it, the entrepreneur’s personal assets are not put at risk. However, even if we constitute an entrepreneur, we must register with the Tax Agency in the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers and Social Security in case we want to hire workers.

Let us know

The opening of our hairdresser has to be made known. If no one knows us, no one will come. In addition to the geographical scope (proximity) that we may have in the surroundings of the place where we have opened the business. The Internet offers multiple possibilities. From social networks to investing a small amount of money in Google Adwords. For example, our establishment is well located in the technological giant’s searches. We can also carry out promotions or discounts to encourage visits and reinforce word of mouth with quality services and customer satisfaction.

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