What Services Are Offered by Independent Insurance Adjusters?

Independent insurance adjusters help insurance companies during extreme weather, natural disasters, and increased workload. Their expertise is valuable to insurance companies because they have access to an extensive database of information. These experts can help determine the extent of a claim. These professionals can decide whether they are paying fair compensation for property damage.

Job Duties

To know how much compensation is owed to clients, independent insurance adjusters investigate insurance claims, examine damaged assets, interview witnesses, and consult with other professionals. Their job description emphasizes analytical thinking, people skills, math knowledge, and confidentiality. A high school diploma is typically required. Some independent insurance adjusters also work in the head office of an insurance company.

An insurance company does not directly employ Independent insurance adjusters, but the insurance company hires them to respond to claims. For instance, Independent insurance adjusters Colorado work for multiple insurance companies, often for a single insurer, and handle various claims.

License requirements

To become an independent insurance adjuster, you must have a license issued by your state’s insurance department. The permit must contain certain information, including the licensee’s name, address, personal identification number, and the date of issuance and expiration. Some firms also require continuing education credits from live classes or online courses. You can also earn credits by writing articles or lectures about the insurance claims industry.

To apply for an independent insurance adjuster license in New York, you must complete an application through the New York Department of Financial Services. You can complete the application by visiting the DFS website and completing the necessary forms. In addition, you can complete the application process online and must have a valid e-mail address.

Bond amounts

In New York, independent insurance adjusters must post a $1,000 bond. The bond must match the term of the license. Although the bond amounts vary by state, the premiums are typically low and can range from 0.5 percent to 10 percent of the bond amount. Therefore, applicants with good credit usually qualify for low rates.


Independent insurance adjusters work for insurance companies and are generally not licensed. They have a fiduciary duty to the insurance company or firm they work for and not to the policyholders.

In contrast, policyholders contract licensed public insurance adjusters. They represent policyholders in negotiations with insurance companies.

Public insurance adjusters work for the policyholders and are often considered their client’s lawyers. They assist policyholders by assisting with the claims process and ensuring that they receive accurate coverage for property damage. They may also help policyholders deal with significant property damage.


Independent insurance adjusters specialize in specific types of claims. These professionals often market themselves as experts in their fields, which is attractive to insurers seeking niche coverage. These professionals may be paid on a 1099 basis or by the insurance company as a W-2 employee. Once they have assessed the damages to a property, the adjuster prepares a report and submits it to the insurance company.

Insurance companies often lack the staff to manage their claims processing departments properly, so they hire independent insurance adjusters. They also contract with third-party insurance companies to take on these claims on behalf of their customers. Many independent adjusters also work directly for insurance companies in areas with high claim volumes.

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