Unique destination for a weekend getaway from Delhi

Delhi is a popular weekend getaway that suits everyone.

You can spend quality time in many beautiful places. These are some of the most beautiful places in Delhi that you can visit after exploring Delhi. This place is loved by tourists and has an amazing vibe. These weekends are the best because they offer a stunning view of the beautiful places and a serene environment far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Kasol, Manali and Lansdowne are just a few of the unique places you can visit from Delhi.

Weekend Getaways From Delhi:

Weekends are the best time of year! Let’s create beautiful memories. You can explore and get away from the everyday. There are many places that can add charm to your weekend. Delhi is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating places you can ever visit. There are many fascinating facts about these places that go beyond exploring. You will continue to learn while exploring Delhi.


Kasol, India’s prominent city, is located in Himachal Pradesh. The city is also well-known for its role as a refuge for backpackers and reserve travelers. Kasol offers a wealth of experiences that will inspire many travelers. You can easily call it a complete journey. Kasol’s appeal to a large number of travelers is due to its ability to cater to everyone. Kasol is a safe haven for all, whether you’re traveling for trekking, camping, or rafting. Kasol is the perfect place for trek lovers and adventure enthusiasts.


Manali is also a piece of the past. It has beautiful architecture and striking impressions. Pictures of terraced agriculture, sprawling pastures, and fruit orchards are also available. These sensations all add up to make the city look breathtakingly beautiful. Manali is a perfect spot for a romantic honeymoon, with many options of exploration. This spot is a great place to begin a new life together in the beautiful countryside and rivers of water.


Lansdowne, in Uttarakhand, India is one of the most interesting places to visit. It is located approximately 260 km from Delhi. Providing a perfect weekend destination. This is a great weekend spot for those who love birdwatching, trekking and walking through the hills. There are many parks and sanctuaries that protect nature and animals. There are a few historic monuments for those who believe in history. The most popular attraction in this state is the magnificent view of the Himalayas. Tourists flock to this area to hike and enjoy the breathtaking views of the hills. This state is best reached between March and November. The climate is favorable for both tourists and trekkers.


Damdama Lake and Sohna Lake are ideal for those who want to be able to bend while softening their backs in a real elegance. This area is best explored between September and February. It is a wonderful place to get away from everyday life and enjoy the uniqueness of the state. The backdrop for honeymoon photos is made possible by the beautiful lighting of the streets and the glowing canyons at dawn. These shelves can be admired by anyone, even photographers.


Auli is a place where the climate brings out its full potential. It has realistic reserves and requires dramatic terrain from the surrounding ridges. This controls the speed of the breeze, giving Auli an amazing climate. Another enchantment is Auli’s artificial lake, which is one of the planet’s highest man-made lakes. This hill site is home to a variety of wildflowers as well as barriers such as coniferous, oak, coniferous, and pine wildernesses.

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