Top 5 Sports News Websites

Regardless of the sport, there are several sports news websites available. While you may have a favorite, there are also others that are worth a try. Bleacher Report, ESPN, NBC Sports, and FiveThirtyEight Sports all have solid content that will make your morning commute more interesting. In addition to these, there are also a number of smaller news websites that cover a wide range of sports, including MMA, tennis, and golf.

NBC SportsNCB Sports

NBC Sports is an American sport broadcasting network. It is part of the NBCUniversal and Comcast media groups. The company is responsible for all sports broadcasts on the network and a number of dedicated national sports cable channels. The company has been around since 1923 when NBC launched a sports channel in Chicago. Its network of sports channels has expanded rapidly over the years. Here are some things to know about NBC Sports.

The first reason to watch NBC Sports is its coverage of major sports. It has a unique position in the television industry as the only network to carry 13 Summer and Winter Olympics. The Olympics have become a significant part of NBC’s coverage, despite the network’s controversial practice of delaying events to capitalize on a wider national audience in prime time. However, the NBC Sports channel has more than made up for the controversy with its programming.


If you love sports, you’ve probably heard of ESPN, the television sports network. It was originally called Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, and the name comes from the initials of its founders. In 1996, the Walt Disney Company purchased ESPN. Today, ESPN is the largest source of news and information on sports, with a global audience of more than 50 million subscribers. In addition to broadcasting sports events, the ESPN sports news website is a popular source for people to find the latest news about all their favorite teams and players.

Besides broadcasting in over 200 countries, ESPN also operates regional sports channels, including the Sports Network in Canada. ESPN owns 20 percent of The Sports Network in Canada. The network also has a television station in Brazil and the Reseau des Sports in France. It also owns The Sports Network in the Netherlands. And in Canada, ESPN is also the owner of Sports Network, BT Sport ESPN, and These are just a few of the regional sports channels owned by ESPN.

Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report was launched in 2005 by four high school classmates, inspired by the popularity of baseball great Ken Griffey Jr. In a world where so much of our culture is driven by the big leagues, the website was designed to provide fans with a more personal way to follow their favorite team. Its website features both team-specific content and news but is also expanding its content. Here’s a look at some of the features coming to the Bleacher Report website in the near future.

The Bleacher Report sports news website covers just about every sport, from the UFC to the Premier League. The site is also packed with social features. Fans can share content with their friends. Similarly, fantasy sports are also covered. The site is available on computers, smartphones, and tablets. For those looking to keep up with sports on the go, Bleacher Report’s mobile application is worth a try. However, it does lack a section dedicated to sports journalism.

FiveThirtyEight Sports

The move of FiveThirtyEight from ESPN to ABC News makes a lot of sense. The company was likely not able to attract many potential buyers for the sports blog, and the current financial climate may not have been ideal for its future. The move allows FiveThirtyEight to work with the existing news teams while allowing ESPN to disassociate itself. In other words, the move may be an indicator of the changes that have taken place since FiveThirtyEight began in 2014.

In the NBA, FiveThirtyEight’s model code-named RAPTOR predicts that the Miami Heat are likely to win the Finals, while the Los Angeles Lakers have a 27 percent chance of winning the seven-game series. This is a very high number, and the predictions from FiveThirtyEight have made the Lakers look awful throughout the playoffs. Interestingly, a discussion on the Hot Takedown podcast of FiveThirtyEight’s NBA predictions came after the Lakers had already clinched the NFC East and were two games up against the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals.

Yahoo! Sports

If you love following the latest scores, news, and updates on your favorite teams, then Yahoo! Sports is the right place to visit. The website features live scores for major league soccer, MLB, NBA, and NFL games, as well as highlights of your favorite sports teams. If you are a fan of any sport, you can sign up for free fantasy leagues and receive customized alerts. There are also live streams of games you can watch to keep up with your favorite teams.

There is a large variety of sports covered on Yahoo! Sports, from NHL hockey to NBA basketball. The website also offers news about other major sports. Yahoo Sports previously covered the ABL and WUSA. Many writers and analysts cover each sport, from high school to professional. For the NBA, Yahoo Sports recently launched a new sports news website called The Vertical. Users can follow their favorite players, as well as find out the latest scores and standings.

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