Tips To Choose The Best Car Dealer in Kenya

Buying a car is a big decision, and you want to ensure you get the best deal. However, selecting a car dealer isn’t a simple choice. You don’t want to be facing delays in receiving your car or end up with payment rejections. Hence, it is important to choose a car dealer wisely to purchase and import cars from Japan to Kenya.

Imported Japanese cars are reliable, safe, and performance-driven, whether new or old. To buy a new car or replace your existing vehicle, you need the services of a reliable car dealer in Kenya. Following are some tips for choosing the best car dealer:

Consider Their Business Model

When choosing a car dealer to purchase imported cars from Japan, it is important to consider the business model and the kind of website of the automotive dealer. It could either be an agency portal having many car dealers, or it could be a single dealer website.

In the case of an agency model, you will have to check the review and rating for every dealer you select to pursue a deal with. Previous reviews will help you identify if a particular dealer is reliable to work with or not.

This, however, can take a significant amount of time. In the case of a single dealer website that deals in imported Japanese cars, the hassle of verifying their business is less. You can carry out your due diligence and select a reliable dealer with a strong web presence to ensure they are credible.

Some positive signs of selecting the best car dealer in Kenya include checking their inventory and stock capacity. A reliable car dealer will have an extensive inventory of cars. Another thing to consider is their presence in the local market supported by a strong web presence and customer support services.

Look For a Secure Payment System

Another thing to look for when choosing a car dealer to buy second-hand cars is a secure, credible, and safe payment system on their website. The website should mention the mode of payment.

You should be able to verify the payment methods available and whether there will be extra charges. A reliable car dealer should outright tell you the total applicable charges, and you shouldn’t be kept in the dark about anything.

Reliable car dealers in Kenya can also assist in clearing your vehicle through customs, so make sure you are not being duped. Cars are expensive commodities and therefore carry higher risk. You can minimize the risk through careful inspection at your end.

Find Out if They Have Local Presence

A good sign of finding a dependable car dealer in Kenya is that they will have a local presence. Global car dealers usually have a local presence to solidify their business standing and establish trust with clients.

If the particular car dealer you choose does not have an office in Kenya, look for signs of them having offices in other places. It should tell you a lot about their business presence and commitment.

Not all markets make business sense to open a physical office, but if the car dealer is present in several prominent locations, chances are they are reliable to work with. An office in Nairobi or Mombasa is a good sign that the dealer you are choosing to work with is reliable and credible.

Check For Industry Experience

When looking to purchase Japanese imported cars, another important factor when choosing the right car dealer is their experience. A vast industry experience reflects their footing in the business and their commitment to the work they do.

Dealers with significant industry experience are well-aware of changing import rules and regulations and the dynamics of the automobile industry. They have well-established practices and processes that allow them to extend quality services and competitive pricing to clients.

A well-experienced automobile importer will be able to help you in a variety of ways in importing a used car from Japan. They will also be able to guide you to the best cars for your need or according to your budget.

You wouldn’t be left hanging during or after the purchase process. Their experience in the industry counts for something to offer you value in every kind of situation.

Having a Vast Inventory

You want to choose a car dealer to buy second-hand Japanese cars that offer a substantial vehicle variety on their website or dealership location. An exhaustive variety of cars allows you to improve your chances of finding the best-fit vehicle. It also ensures that you can effectively compare car models and prices to make an informed decision.

A car dealer with limited inventory will make it difficult to select a car of your choice. People are often limited by budget. And only an extensive inventory can aid in finding a vehicle that suits your budget-Poboxnews.

Offering Customer Support

Another thing to ensure when looking for a car dealer in Kenya is that they offer customer support and after-sales services. It is very important to have someone in the dealership to answer your queries and clear your doubts. It also helps establish trust.

A reliable car dealer who imports cars from Japan to Kenya will assist their clients with a readily available customer support team that can answer questions and help find a vehicle of your choice.

However, good service just doesn’t end here. When you engage with customer support of a dealership. They should be able to guide you through the import process effectively, let you know the complete cost of the process and aid you at every step until you receive the car. Good dealers also help clients after the sales process and entertain their requests and problems.

Offering Competitive Pricing

A reliable and experienced car dealer in Kenya should be able to offer competitive and affordable pricing to customers. Any dealer who has an established network of car imports from Japan to Kenya and an extensive inventory should be able to extend favorable prices to all income brackets.

In Conclusion

Buying an imported used or new car in Kenya is a big decision carrying a significant cost. You want to ensure that your hard-earned savings to buy the vehicle is going in safe hands. Choosing the right dealer is important to receive your car timely without going through any kind of hassle and delays.

An automobile car dealer in Kenya is a good choice if you’re looking to purchase imported cars if they offer customer-centric services. Any dealership that has local offices, offers customer assistance, have new car shipments entering their inventory stock each month, and has been in the industry for more than a decade at least are promising signs of an established brand.

Some of the best dealerships in Kenya ship from all over Japan to Mombasa and further facilitate customers through the import regulations and process. You can find complete information on their website or contact customer sales staff for further assistance.

Furthermore, they take no storage charge for up to 21 days after the car arrives at MCT Terminal. Their cars are subjected to mandatory inspections such as the QISJ and JEIVIC, among others, before shipment, ensuring their quality.

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