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Things Not to Do while Traveling To Italy!

1 – Not observing the attractions’ dress code:

With so many churches and sacred attractions, many Italian sights have a dress code-poboxnews. In several places it is not allowed to enter with shorts or short skirts, or even very low-cut clothes; men should not wear tank tops, for example. It’s always worth having a scarf in your backpack, in case you need to cover any part of your body. In addition to the churches, Italians tend to dress elegantly in their daily lives-poboxnews.

2– Don’t wear comfortable shoes:

Italian cities, with their old historic centers and often closed to vehicles, are places to discover on foot. With that in mind, take comfortable shoes for your trip and be prepared to walk throughout the day. As many streets are cobbled, it can also be dangerous to walk in high heels-poboxnews. Pack those shoes that you are sure will be comfortable for your walks throughout the day.


3– Not booking hotels in Advance-poboxnews:

This tip is valid not only for Italy, but for several destinations. There are those who like to travel without planning so well, but in Italy booking a hotel at the last minute can hurt your pocket. In cities where tourism is very strong and especially in the months close to summer, accommodation can be expensive, so leaving the hotel reservation for a few days before the trip, often only the most expensive options will be available.
So plan ahead and start booking your hotels a few months before your trip because that way you’ll find more hotels available, including those that offer good value for money.

4 – Not paying attention to the prohibited places to park or use a rental car:

In several Italian cities, car access is limited, allowing only authorized vehicles. This requires the vehicle to be parked somewhere nearby, so that the place can be explored on foot. On the outskirts of historic centers, where cars are usually not allowed to circulate, it is common to find paid parking lots to leave your car while you visit a place. Always pay attention to the parking space allowed and see if it works with a meter. Tips to Plan  Group Travel-poboxnews


5– Not observing the weather forecast:

Every day, when you wake up, check the weather forecast for the city you are in. That way you can try to concentrate indoor attractions for a day that promises to be rainy and outdoor attractions for days with open skies. The weather forecast can also help you identify what clothes to wear that day-poboxnews.

6– Create an intense schedule and not rest:

With so much to see and do in Italian cities and the anxiety to visit those dreamed places, many people end up creating an extensive and intense schedule, with an exaggerated itinerary, many train trips, many hotel changes, and little time in the cities. It is always good to measure and balance your itinerary so that the trip is done at a pleasant pace.
In addition, it is always worth taking a little time to rest, sit in the middle of a city for a gelato, have a longer lunch or dinner, let yourself enjoy a walk more calmly, and not create the obligation to see everything in a single day. . A place as beautiful as Italy deserves-poboxnews to be explored carefully! For Visitor Visa Click Here

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