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The Top Six Prestigious Music Schools in the World

The irony is Music imparts contrasting weightage before and after senior high school. While it is considered a liberating curriculum till the 12th grade, its significance fades after the 12th-grade mark.

It is a multifaceted subject involving improvisation, performance, and composition. However, this potentially academic subject has not yet received the recognition it should have. As a result, not many applicants are seen prioritizing their hobby as a passion. Nevertheless, if you are unique, like an odd duck, welcome this blog. Read through this blog if you are an aspiring Music Assignment Help; check the top music colleges in the world here.

  1. The Julliard School

One of the leading conservatories is The Julliard School, based in New York, which has a seven percent acceptance rate. The school has undergraduate and post-graduate degrees and offers exceptional programs in dance, and drama to aspirants. In addition, Julliard sponsors over seven hundred live performance chances to students annually, highlighting it as a valuable aspect for artists worldwide. You need not have a specific degree or GPA to be admitted here. However, the evaluators will consider your musicianship and performance skills before accepting your application.

  1. Berklee College of Music

Based in Boston, Berklee College of Euphony is a private college offering contemporary music courses to students worldwide. So, if you have been passionate about composing pop and rock songs, this college can be your root for growth. Aspirants can specialize in several areas like electronic production, music business and design, music production, etc. Berklee offers graduate degrees and diplomas, online certification degrees, and more.

There are no application criteria or requirements for this renowned college other than appearing for the typical audition and the interview rounds. And if you have been skeptical about considering this college, Berklee has produced several graduates who have won numerous awards in the field, including Grammy, Latin Grammy, and Emmy awards.

  1. The Royal Academy of Music

The royal academy of this field is an independent music academy based in London, which is also one of the oldest schools in the world. The school offers graduate and doctoral degrees in Jazz, musical theatre, creative Euphony leadership, and it composition. Additionally, it provides a range of diploma and junior programs to train musicians of all ages. Royal Academy enhances all areas by promoting strong research activities. The institution is also a reservoir of incredible collections of musical artifacts.

  1. The University of Music and Performing Arts

Getting admitted to The University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna would mean securing your seat in one of the largest schools in the world. The school was established in 1817 to educate multiracial students about the beauty of Euphony. The motto is still the same, and now the school holds a reputation of training over 3000 students in Music and performing arts from seventy nations.

Moreover, the school works as a cultural event organizer, organizing thousands of cultural events in Austria annually. So, suppose you have been considering applying to this college. In that case, you could choose from a range of specializations in lirics and instrumental studies, computer music, music therapy, and vocal and physical education, among others. Additionally, the school offers doctoral degrees to those interested in researching arts and culture.

  1. Yale School of Music

Yale University is one of the most recognized universities based in Connecticut. The school has been performing and training aspirants to become accomplished film and music composers. Yale offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sound and several certification programs in artist diploma and performance. Moreover, the college conducts live concerts by students regularly.

Note that the school has a strict selection process, and students must exhibit exceptional talents with required degrees from recognized American and international music academics. Once you have the required documents and degree, you can proceed with the admission process through Yale’s admission portal.

  1. Curtis Institute of Music

Curtis Institute of Music, situated in Philadelphia, is the dream school of every aspiring Opera musician. It is one of the most recognized schools in the world, with an acceptance rate of around 4.8 per cent. Curtis Institute of Music offers post-graduate and diploma degrees to students in audio, professional music study certificate, Music in Opera, and Post-Baccalaureate diploma.

The renowned school enriches the musical skills of aspirants by equipping them with industry skills, pedagogy, trends, entrepreneurship, hands-on technology, and community-based projects. Curtis graduates boast of the knowledge they have gained over their university years and have gone to successful careers in the this field, and production industry. However, note that each specialization has auditions and application requirements, and interested aspirants must check through the school’s official website before applying.

Parting thoughts,

If Music is there in your mind, give it the recognition it needs. Bring your talent out in the world and satiate your burning passion. However, you can only kick-start the journey when you have esteemed guidance by your side. The quality of an artist hinges upon the nature of the relationship they share with their gurus. The musical mentor directs students on the right path of the musical journey and helps students reflect on the language of Music more vividly. And procuring knowledge from the right source does magic. On that note, identifying schools is the primary task of consideration that students should make. So, go through the list of schools mentioned in this blog and choose the one that fits your requirements—all the best in making an informed decision. Hope you find your dream college and ace your journey as a musician!

Author’s Bio: John  millar holds a Ph.D in Music and is actively associated with Here he also offers Social Science Assignment Help to students.

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