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The body gets these 6 big benefits from the practice of Gomukhasana, learn how to do it

By doing yoga, both your body and mind remain healthy. Along with this, the ability to work is developed and the immune system is also strengthened. For this you can do Gomukhasana. In this asana, the thighs and both the hands are thin at one end and wide at the other, due to which they appear like the face of a cow. To do this asana, you have to sit in a posture like a cow, it is very easy to do this yoga posture. Gomukhasana is also very beneficial for women. By its practice, this asana is more beneficial for you to reduce weight and make your body shapely. Gomukhasana strengthens the muscles of our shoulders and thighs, you can do it in the morning. Also, it is very important to have an empty stomach for this. Let us know in detail about its benefits and uses.

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Benefits of Gomukhasana 

  • By the practice of this yoga posture, the muscles of the arms and the back part get strengthened. Also the bones of the spine remain straight.
  • This mudra also has many benefits for asthma patients. Due to this, there is expansion in the chest area and its regular practice removes respiratory problems.
  • Gomukhasana yoga provides great relief in hip pain and the problem of back pain can also be cured.
  • Even in problems like piles and cervical spondylitis, its practice can cause problems of shoulder stiffness, neck pain and headache.
  • It also provides relief in liver and kidney problems. Diabetes disease can also be reduced by this.
  • Gomukhasana helps in keeping the body flexible and in shape.
  • It reduces leg cramps and strengthens the leg muscles.

Steps of Gomukhasana Yoga

  • To do this asana, sit on a yoga mat in Sukhasana or cross-legged posture.
  • After this try to pull your left leg towards your body.
  • Then place your right leg on the thigh of the left leg and bring it to your body by pulling it too.
  • Now place your right hand over the shoulder and bend it near the elbow and take it behind your back as much as possible.
  • After that, bend the left hand also near the elbow and take it from the side of the stomach to the back.
  • Now try to join together by pulling both the hands and hold the hands behind the back with each other.
  • Now stay in this posture for some time and breathe 10 to 12 times.
  • You can do this with both hands.


  • Avoid doing this asana if you are suffering from back pain.
  • If you have pain in shoulder, neck, knee, then you should not do this asana.
  • Pregnant women should not practice this asana. This may harm you.
  • If your haemorrhoids are bleeding, then you should not do this asana.
  • If it is difficult to hold the hand behind the back, do not force it.
  • There is any kind of problem or pain in the spine, then this yogasana should not be done.
  • For the first time try to do it under the supervision of a trainer.
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