The Best Online Farm Games

Following are the best online farm games in 2022


The browser-based strategy of My Little Farmies will not allow you to limit yourself to a small summer cottage – you will have to deal with large-scale production, build complex production chains and monitor a huge farm after just a few hours of playing.

You will have to deal with everything that occupies the mind of a responsible farmer – from collecting chicken eggs and fixing fences to decorating plots. By the way, there are many decor options in the game, so nothing prevents you from turning your online farm into a real work of art.


Royal Story is a story about a fairytale country going through hard times. An evil sorceress has cast a spell that has turned picturesque settlements into rundown villages, and their inhabitants are now poor and unhappy. The player will have to try on the role of a prince or princess and return this land to its former glory. You will have to start small – arranging gardens.

However, the game is not limit to a farm simulator. The newly minted ruler, as he develops, will open new locations with new features and interesting quests  unblocked games 76.


Trouble has fallen on the fluffy heads of the inhabitants of the magical land of Shmoo – the forces of evil have destroyed their peaceful settlement. And only you can help bring everything back to normal. We will have to restore the homes of the victims, provide them with the most necessary, work in the gardens and expand the property in order to return peace and prosperity to the village unblocked games 66 .

In addition to entertainment on your own farm, you can look at your neighbors and exchange resources with them. This kind and cute browser is great for kids , both boys and girls


Our main character is a little boy who lost his parents in the snowy expanses of Alaska. He dreams of finding mom and dad, but not everything is so simple – he will have to go through many tests, explore unknown lands on his own. However, sleeping in a windswept tent and eating what you can find is far from the ultimate dream


Waif will have to establish his own settlement with gardens, a forge, a sawmill and other buildings. Naturally, he himself will not be able to realize Napoleonic plans, fortunately, the indigenous people of the American North are friendly and ready to help in any endeavors.


World of Farmer is one of the few browser-based strategies that can be play not only for free, but also with real financial benefits. Extra gold can be turned into crispy bills or spent on further development and get even more fun from the game. In addition, World of Farmer has a referral program that motivates you to get your friends hook on the game.

In general, here you need to do everything that a good farmer would do – manage your farm, expand your holdings, build new buildings, and sometimes solve complex economic problems.


In Family Barn, the player will have to help his friend establish a family farm and turn it into a thriving business. Just like on a real farm, here you need to take care of animals, and grow crops, trees and flowers. The more land at the disposal of the player, the greater the scale of production, and therefore the thicker the wallet.

In addition to agricultural work, it is worth spending time communicating with neighbors – by making friends with other farmers, you can hope for a mutually beneficial exchange of resources and help in difficult situations.

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