Ten Things about Peer to Peer Lending That You Should Know

Many individuals experience difficulties in obtaining loans when they require them the most. For example, when they need to take property loans or car loans. This tough financial time can create delays in getting the assets you want. This situation can arise when you contact a bank for taking a loan. At times like these, P2P lending can come to the rescue.

Peer to Peer lending is an effective way to get loans because it facilitates transactions on an online platform. The borrowers and lenders can join the P2P platforms for getting the best results. On a P2P lending network, you can get a loan from several lenders. The P2P website divides the loan amount between the P2P investors who pay the complete sum to the borrower. Each lender offers a loan share that can be as low as £25.

Similarly, at Kuflink, a P2P lending platform, you can invest money for profits.

To guide you about P2P lending, we provide ten popular things you should know about it.


  1. The interest rates are mostly lower than the banks. The loan sums you apply for and the payback time length are better than the banks. Moreover, the P2P platforms charge lower interest rates than any bank or financial institute. That makes the P2P lending websites a better solution for taking loans than credit card companies or any other service. The loan’s interest rates may not be what you might expect sometimes, but they are mostly affordable.


  1. No Requirement To Visit Banks For Meetings. Many consumers don’t prefer to visit banks to talk with managers about taking loans. The loan application system works by doing plenty of paperwork in banks. That leads to a lengthy loan processing time. The borrowers have to come to the banks for completing the transactions. Oppositely, in P2P lending, the borrowers have to fill out an online application, and the lending service will not require anything else.

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  1. They Give You the Option to Lend money. Consumers who are in debt can also reach out to P2P lending platforms. The platforms can give loans with easy repayment plans. With this strategy, P2P websites can provide better lending opportunities than banks.


  1. The Sum of Money Given for Loan Can Have a Wide Range. For example, P2P lending can conveniently lend you sums between £1000 and £250 000. That can assist you in taking a bridging loan when you want to buy a new property.


  1. You Don’t Require Insurance on Investments. Compared to traditional banks, the cash you invest doesn’t require insurance as a backup to compensate for defaults. The greater the risk you take, the more the profits you will earn from the interest rate. That can lead to a high amount of returns on the investments.


  1. Fast Loan Processing. When you post the loan application to the P2P platform, the entire process can be two to three days long. Banks can require plenty of time to grant the loans to the borrower. The loan transaction from the bank to your account will only occur when the bank approves your request after viewing your profile.


  1. The Charges for Providing P2P Service are Low. 

P2P lending provides loans with minimum service costs. The charges range from 1% to 5%. They deduct these charges from the loan investment. That is opposite to the bank’s strategies since they take costly service payments from you.


  1. Plenty of Lending Opportunities. P2P investment offers many types of lending opportunities. For example, they can provide you with a business loan, microfinance loan, and credit card loan. Also, the borrowers can take real estate loans and mortgage loans. So you can look out for different loan types on the P2P platform before joining it.


  1. Consistently Improvement in Services. The P2P lending market is continuously improving the services of their platforms. For example, the website utilizes top-class infrastructure to help investors search for suitable investment options.


  1. Need Lower Investment Sums. You can begin by investing in a loan as low as £100. There are few ways of investing this much sum of cash in the market. Peer to Peer lending provides you with a method to start investments with a small amount of money.

The Outcome of the Post

P2P lending may not be an investment strategy for everyone, but it is an investment option for those who like to borrow and invest. Consumers have been borrowing cash from these platforms for meeting several requirements. That includes debt settlement to home renovation and starting a new business. But, most banks would not even agree to provide these types of loans. At Kuflink, there is an option; you can invest in a loan on their website. Also, you can send the profits to an innovative finance ISA for tax-free earnings.

P2P lending is a great method of getting loans because it helps do transactions on a web-based platform. The borrowers and lenders can connect with the P2P lending websites for improving their financial status. The loan sum divides between the P2P investors who pay the complete sum to the borrowers. The loan share that every investor pays can be as low as £25.

So in this post, we described the ten things about P2P lending you should know. We are giving them below:


  1. The P2P lending platforms provide lower interest rates than the banks.
  2. Contactless loan provisioning.
  3. They provide you with a facility to lend cash.
  4. The amount of cash provided for a loan can range widely.
  5. You don’t require insurance cover for investments.
  6. Fast loan processing
  7. P2P service charges are low.
  8. Several lending options.
  9. Continuous service improvement.
  10. Can invest low sums of cash.
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