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Some Tactical Image Optimization Tips To Improve Your Website Performance!

Graphics play a pivotal role in determining the performance of your website. This is why web designers spend a lot of time researching vibrant high quality images and embed them strategically in their website to get into the good books of search engines. But is this enough to rank high in search engine results? No, while this is a crucial step towards improving your website’s ranking, it certainly is not enough. The images you include should be search engine optimized.

In this article, we shall provide some tactical image optimization tips to improve your website performance. Reputed website development companies in Gurgaon take care of all these aspects. Read on to find out!

What is meant by Image Optimization?

Before we dig deep into the ways to optimize the images, let us give you a clear idea about what it is exactly and why you need to work on it.

Image optimization refers to creating high quality images in the correct format, resolution and size in order to attract high traffic and increase user engagement. It also involves labelling the images properly and placing them tactfully on the website so that they add value to the content. Web designers have realised the importance of including images on web pages and try to look for attractive and interesting images for their websites. Statistics reveal that the use of images has increased drastically over the years as users seem to engage better with high quality visuals. However, if you truly want to increase your website’s ranking then it is imperative to optimize these images. How? You will learn in the next section.

8 Effective Image Optimization Techniques

Include Unique Images

There are several websites that provide free images and many others that sell high quality images. While you can use these images on your site however just keep in mind that your competitors may already be using them. Thus, it is advised to use original images as much as possible.

Use Mobile Friendly Images

Google gives preference to websites that are mobile friendly. Mobile friendly graphics are a key essential for making the website mobile friendly. Responsive images just like responsive website design are what crawlers look for.

Resize the Images

As essential as they are for your website, images consume a large number of bytes. It would not be wrong to say that images consume the majority of the bytes on your website thereby impacting its performance. Big, high resolution images draw attention and may help attract readers however they slow down the page load time thereby ruining the overall experience. Thus, you must optimize your images by resizing them. Smaller images improve the page load speed thereby enhancing user engagement and conversions. Try different file formats and compression rate to identify what retains the charm of your images and use them accordingly. Do not forget to test your page load speed after adding the images.

Alt Tags

The images you include may be self explanatory. Your readers may be able to understand what those images are trying to communicate as soon as they look at them. But what about the search engines? They do not understand what an image implies unless you include text explaining the same. They shall be able to index your image content appropriately only when you include alternative text.

Moreover, it is helpful when the image does not upload due to some technical glitch. It is recommended to include a keyword in the alt tag.

Add Caption

Caption is placed just below the image and thus adds value to it. A well written caption enhances the user experience and improves the engagement metrics.

Optimize File Names

It may not seem important but optimising the image file name can make a lot of difference. You can do this by including relevant keywords in the filename. It is best to use descriptive keywords in the beginning of the file name to create an impact. Just make sure the file name you choose is not only SEO friendly but also makes sense to your readers. Separate the keywords in the file name with hyphens. Do not make the mistake of using underscores in the file name. They are not a replacement for hyphens as search engines do not recognise them.

Optimize Image Title

Optimizing the image title can also work in favour of your website. Include keywords in the image title to add value to it and make it more engaging and relevant. It is also a good idea to add a crisp call to action to the image title in order to prompt the users to click the tab. The CTA can be as short as “check it out” or “download now”.

Text Must be In line with the Images

The text on your page must be in line with the image. This means that you should not just pick an image and place it on your page just because it is vibrant and attractive. It should mainly be relevant. The text should describe the image properly so that the search engines have a clear idea about what it represents.

Seek Professional Assistance

By reading the above points, you may have gained knowledge about what all to do in order to optimize images on your website but how to accomplish all these tasks may still be a question for many. It is best to seek professional help from a trusted web designing company in Faridabad to optimize the images on your page. The information shared here will help you determine whether the professionals you are working with are on the right track or not.

To conclude, optimising images is crucial for your website as it plays an important part in determining its ranking in the search results. Some of the ways to optimize images include choosing unique yet relevant images that are mobile friendly, adding captions, alt tags and optimizing file names. Most business owners spend a large amount of money on selecting high quality images but overlook the importance of optimizing them and this leads to low ranking. We are sure that after reading this piece of writing you will understand the consequences of ignoring this aspect. Do let us know if you require further information regarding image optimization. 

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