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Sahajoli Mudra: Benefits and Methods of Sahajoli Mudra

Today’s article is about Sahajoli Mudra. In this article, you will be able to know what is the method and benefits of doing this mudra? So let’s start –

Sahajoli Mudra –

This mudra is for women only. Sahajoli is derived from the Sanskrit word Sahaj, which means simple. This mudra easily awakens supersensory tendencies.

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Method of doing Sahajoli Mudra –

  • Sit in any comfortable seat of most meditation.
  • Doing this mudra in Siddhasana or Siddhayoni posture gives more benefits.
  • Keep your head and spine straight.
  • Keep both hands on the knees in Chin Mudra or Gyan Mudra.
  • Now close the eyes and relax the whole body.
  • Keep breathing naturally for a few minutes.
  • Now take your awareness to the urinary tract.
  • Take your breath in and hold it. And try to pull the urinary tract upwards.
  • This stretching (contraction) action is similar to that done to stop the act of passing urine for some time.
  • Due to this constriction, there should be some movement in the labia majora of women.
  • Try to concentrate and limit the action of contraction in the urinary tract itself.
  • Leaning forward slightly while doing the contraction helps to isolate this point.
  • Hold the contraction for as long as is comfortably possible.
  • Now exhale while loosening the contraction and relax the body.
  • Similarly, repeat the exercise 2 more times.

Duration of doing Sahajoli Mudra –

In the beginning, do this posture only for two to three contractions. After some time gradually increase the duration and take it for 10 to 15 cycles.

Awareness while doing Sahajoli Mudra –

Physically your reflexes while performing Sahajoli Mudra should be on keeping the point of contraction away from the genitals. Spiritually the Swadhisthana should be on the chakra.

Sahajoli Mudra Practice Timings –

You can practice this mudra at any time. But doing this mudra on an empty stomach gives more benefits.

Limitations –

This mudra should not be performed by those who are suffering from infection or inflammation of the urinary tract, as it may increase sensation and pain.

Benefits of Sahajoli Mudra –

  • This mudra regulates the work of the entire urinary-regenerative system.
  • Sahajoli Mudra provides strength to the urinary-regenerative system.
  • This mudra removes frequent urinary tract infections and the inability to hold urine.
  • This Mudra is also helpful in getting over mental erotic conflicts and unwanted sexual thoughts.
  • Sahajoli Mudra balances the level of hormones secreted by the testes and the sperm count.
  • This Mudra cures prolapse of the uterus.
  • This mudra provides control over premature ejaculation.
  • Sahajoli Mudra cures impotence by strengthening the endocrine system and local energy structure.

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Hope you liked this article and now you have understood well about this yoga posture. If you really want to be healthy then practice yoga mudra daily and keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.

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