Platforms to try your hands on other than LiveWebinar

Webinars are web-based seminars and can turn boring PowerPoint presentations into real-time conversations.  

Several businesses trust Webinars to drive growth. It has become a common way to connect with audiences and a medium for the promotion of the brand.

There are several online platforms available in the market which provide webcast services. LiveWebinar is one such platform that provides a virtual space to host a webinar.

LiveWebinar is a web-based platform where you can host hassle-free webinars. It is a customizable platform enabling users to run webinars with their logo, colors, and fonts. Along with LiveWebinar, several webinar platforms are also available in the market and are more affordable than LiveWebianar. 

If you are no longer using LiveWebinar and want to try another online platform for your next webinar, then this blog is for you only. Here in this blog, we will discuss different platforms where you can easily execute a productive webinar. 

So let us start our blog. 


This is one of the best alternatives to LiveWebinar. It is a browser-based platform known for its powerful advanced features. If you are looking for a webinar that speaks for itself and keeps attendees engaged, then Mixhubb is the right choice for you. Mixhubb lets you host such webinars that can transform your audience into your customers. It provides you boundless opportunities to host webinars of any size.

 To get more attention users can also create their event website in their style. It also provides a smooth registration process for the attendees of the event. Attendees can directly register from any social media handle. It has a variety of engagement and networking features that can keep attendees hooked up to the webinar. Additional features of Mixhubb that make it best fit your webinar include HD live audio-video, HD screen sharing, no app download required, push images, handouts, and many more. Moreover, its powerful data analytics feature enables organizers to track the record of attendees as well as analyze the performance of the webinar. Not to mention, it is the best affordable available platform in the market.


Zoom allows users to connect, interact and collaborate. It is more than a video conferencing platform; users can also host webinars on this web-based platform. It offers a user-friendly setup, users can quickly host engaging webinars, and can grow their business using high-quality live video webcasting. It is a highly scalable platform where you can host a webinar with up to 50,000 attendees and 1,000 interactive video panelists, and users also have the option to expand their reach with its HD webinar recording or live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. 


On24 is a web-based platform enabling users to execute personalized webinars and virtual events. 

It supports live, simulive, and on-demand webinars that captivate audiences with interactive engagement and conversion tools to extend their content consumption. With On24 Forums, users can easily bring targeted audiences together for face and two-way video group networking and conversations. It also provides several branding opportunities to the users. Other notable features of On24 include role-based access, recording, live chats, event analytics, attendee report, social media integration, etc. 


It is another one of the most commonly used webinar platforms that enables users to host a hassle-free webinar. It is an easy-to-use web-based platform that users can directly access from their desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. With GoToWebinar, users can also use the pre-recorded webinars. With its webcast mode, up to 3,000 attendees can join the webinar directly from their browser. It means attendees are not required to download any extra software for accessing this platform. GoToWebinaralso allows users to promote their webinars on GoToStageb to get maximum attention from the audience so that users can draw a large crowd for their webinars. Additional features of GoToWebinar are role-based access, branding, recording, live chats, social media integration, screen sharing, etc. 


ZohoMeeting is another online meeting software that caters to your need for webinars and online conferencing. With GoToMeeting, you can host safe, robust online conferences and webinars. No matter where your team members are located, it provides an inclusive experience for them. It also provides infinite opportunities to enhance your remote collaboration experiences. Attendees can easily share their documents and powerpoints by using the interactive screen sharing option offered by ZohoMeeting. It also allows users to record, replay, and share the web meeting recording with the attendees who were not able to join the meeting. Additional features of ZohoMeeting are- branding, role-based access, live chats, polls, surveys, etc.

If you feel LiveWebinar is no longer advantageous for you, then we have discovered different webinar platforms in this blog. Among several other online platforms available in the market, these webinar platforms are the most trusted and reliable. You can select one of the above-stated platforms for your next webinar instead of using LiveWebinar again. 

The above-stated webinar platforms are the most affordable and definitely, can be a good choice for your upcoming webinar. 

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