Nitti-Gritties Of Car Pooling Apps!

Riding an electric bike, can be an ideal way to check city landscape, and discover unravelled territories. Guided bike tours are available, but this one is for independent riders.

In the spirit of flexibility and sustainability, visitors and countrymen cycle go through the city on share bikes, electronic scooters, or e-cars. Here’s an overview of the most important providers of bike-sharing systems and bike rentals globally with information on registration, pricing models, and coverage respectively.

Carpooling, sharing car rides, and electric scooters on rent are preferable for those who need to take multiple trips during the day but don’t have enough money or time to hire a taxi or share a ride. BlaBa Cabs, UberPool, sRide, Ola Share, Ridely, ToGo, Quickride, ZIFY, Meru  Carpool, and Ryde by Ibibo are some intelligent options to go by.

What are the benefits of hiring electric cars?

Helps Reduce Traffic Congestion

Hiring a car, or riding an electric scooter reduces traffic congestion, and makes cities cleaner and greener.

Commute on the Go

People on the same commute can go together and save rent.

Downsizes Emission of Harmful Gases

Bike rental helps cut down on emissions by reducing the number of cars on the road.

Carbon Footprint

If more people join hands and share their rides, it will lead to less carbon footprint.

Additional Benefits of Ride Sharing Applications

It lets you publish your ride and makes you decide which passenger to go with. If you plan to go somewhere, you can now book your ride at a lower price.

How to pool a car?

Carpooling process is as easy as (1) Searching for the destination, (2) Finding the closest carpool near you, (3) Booking a seat instantly.


Many ride-hailing platforms work on the free-floating sharing principle in which electric bikes can be found anywhere in the city and are not tied to fixed stations. Example – Tier (Berlin). Riders can avail Tier electric bikes by downloading the provider’s free apps. They must register with their personal data and select a means of payment. Payment is possible with all major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Once you unlock the  bike, the ride can start. After reaching the desired destination, the bike must be parked in a suitable place – either a designated parking area or a sidewalk. The parked e-bike should not obstruct any other road users.


Rental Bike apps systems also offer Nextbikes which are fully automated. After registering through the apps or at the electronic station terminals, users can rent electric bikes all over the world. Users must choose and activate a payment method – credit card, direct debit, or PayPal – in their user account.  Users need to scan the QR code or enter the bike number into the apps. They receive a 4-digit code to open the lock. They need to enter this code into the bike computer, after which the lock opens automatically. The rental time continues even if you decide to take a break. One user can rent up to 4 bikes at a time.  If parked outside, they charge a fee of 20 Euros. Nextbikes can be rented for one euro for 15 minutes, which may go up by 15 euros daily.


Another electric bike rental service and e-scooter rental provider is Bolt. Their e-bikes can be rented via the provider’s app which is free to download and register. users can simply choose their preferred payment method – credit card, PayPal and begin their ride. They can locate the bikes via the Bolt apps. They can then reserve it for a small fee. Every minute is billable. Users can pause the ride while they take a break.


These are eco-friendly options for convenient bike-sharing. Users can download the apps for free and register with their Google or social media accounts. They can start renting out once they create their user profile. To rent LimeBike, they can download and install the app, scan the QR code, and enter the wheel number. A fixed charge is applied once the bike is activated. Further charges are calculated by the minute. Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal or other payment methods. It allows reserving the wheels free of charge for ten minutes before starting the journey.

Getting Around Car Rental

It offers a full-digital, contactless booking and pick-up experience for the guest and host. Car rental offers electric scooters, car sharing, and bicycle sharing. It is a very popular transport option in Berlin, Germany. They claim to be as close as your phone device. The e-cars at Getting Around have a mileage limit of 20 miles per reservation hour up to a maximum of 200 miles per reservation day.

Donkey Republic

The Donkey Republic offers a powerful bike-sharing system for short trips or for longer adventures. It offers the flexibility to make stops, and unlock and lock bikes as many times as the user requires. It is just like renting a Donkey. Check the app to find the pickup locations, and rent conveniently using the phone apps.


UberPool is a biggie ridesharing app that enables users to share their rides with other passengers with matching pickup and destination locations. It is cheaper than an individual Uber Ride. Users also get an option to choose from (1) UberGo, (2) UberPool, and (3) UberMotor.

Ola Share

Ola App for sharing the ride helps users to share their commute details with other passengers they choose to go with. It helps users to join a group based on location and gender. It is available in all major cities in India.


sRide is a similar carpooling application that ensures safe rides, background checks, and wide reach. It connects all major Indian Cities and is a pocket-friendly option for those who commute daily.


It has been traversing through the areas with the worst traffic and extends (1) Profile verification, (2) Recurring rides, (3) Filtering car and bike rides, (4) Security features, (5) route customization, (6) Auto confirmation, (7) Booking multiple seats, (8) Cashless payments


It is mobility as a service provider, an app-based platform to share car rides. This platform enables users to share their rides with other passengers going in the same direction. It comes with real-time tracking, in-app payments, rewards for every ride, and rider details verification. It is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Solar Impulse Foundation, Paris Techstars program, and Berlin Startup Bootcamp and has fostered approximately 70 large companies to foster employee engagement, lower their carbon footprint, and reduce cost.

It’s Time To Ride

Whether you have to take the bike from the train station to the office or flexibly commute through the city streets, electric bikes cover the last mile between public transport station and destination. Right tariffs, convenient pick and drop, and easy setup makes them a suitable option to commute. Moreover, it allows you to stop by for a gelato, resume, stop again to return your bike at an intermediate stop and rent another bike for 30 minutes to continue your trip to the next destination, it’s almost free, easy and safe.   The Ridesharing app market is stuffed with competition, with every service provider striving to offer the best in their area of service. Zeroing in on the best application development company to create a carpooling apps can help optimize your ride-renting business.

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