Naive Bayes Versus Logistic Regression

The accompanying article gives a framework for Naive Bayes versus Logistic Regression. A calculation where the Bayes hypothesis is applied alongside a couple of suppositions. For example, free qualities alongside the class so it is the most straightforward Bayesian calculation while joining with Kernel thickness estimation. This is a Naive Bayes calculation. We can scale Naive Bayes in view of our prerequisites. Likelihood of specific way of behaving or class in view of the accessible not set in stone with the assistance of relapse examination in any case called Logistic relapse. The information is anticipated and the connection between given information is made sense of with the assistance of calculated information.

Naive Bayes – Naive Bayes is an AI strategy that is essentially utilized for characterizing messages. For example, Naive Bayes might be utilized to recognize spam in email. The calculation accepts your email text as information, does its sorcery, and afterward decides or arranges your email into one of two classifications: spam or no-spam.

Logistic Regression – Logistic Regression is a logit model that is a strategy to foresee the paired result from a direct blend of indicator factors.

The following is the rundown of 5 significant contrasts between Naïve Bayes and Logistic Regression.

  1. Reason for the sure class of machine inclining does it tackle?

Both the calculations can be utilized for the order of the information. Utilizing these calculations, you could foresee regardless of whether a broker can offer a credit to a client or distinguish whether given mail is a Spam or ham

  1. Calculation’s Learning component

Naïve Bayes: For the given elements (x) and the name y, it gauges a joint likelihood from the preparation information. Thus, this is a Generative model

Logistic Regression: Estimates the probability(y/x) straightforwardly from the preparation information by limiting blunders. Consequently, this is a Discriminative model

  1. Model presumptions

Naïve Bayes: The model expects every one of the elements is restrictively free.  Thus, if a portion of the highlights is reliant upon one another (in the event of an enormous component space), the expectation may be poor.

Logistic Regression: If the parts include space straightly, it works OK regardless of whether a portion of the factors correspond

  1. Model impediments

Naïve Bayes: Works well even with less preparation information, as the appraisals depend on the joint thickness work

Logistic Regression: With the little preparation information, model assessments may overfit the information

  1. Way to deal with be followed to work on the outcomes

Naïve Bayes: When the preparation information size is less comparative with the highlights, the data on earlier probabilities helps in working on the outcomes

Logistic Regression: When the preparation information size is less comparative with the elements, Lasso and Ridge relapse will help in working on the outcomes.

Key Difference Between Naive Bayes versus Logistic Regression

Allow me to talk about a portion of the significant key contrasts between Naive Bayes versus Logistic Regression:

  1. Naïve Bayes exclusively counts the classes and gives results in light of the more number of the element included in a specific class. The classes are isolated in Logistic regression making it to distinguish the noticeable element in light of alignment.
  2. Naive Bayes is generally used to characterize text information. A straight blend of information sources is considered to give a twofold result where elements to be reliant or free aren’t considered as a highlight characterize the information.
  1. Naïve Bayes is certainly not a go-to arrangement generally for any characterization issues. The mistake is less in Logistic regression where we can find the responses effectively for reliant or free highlights with enormous information.
  1. Preparing information is straightforwardly thought about while making suspicions in Logistic relapse. Preparing information isn’t viewed as straightforwardly yet a little example is taken in Naïve Bayes characterization. Strategic relapse segregates the objective incentive for any info values given and can be considered as a discriminative classifier. Every one of the qualities is represented in the Naive Bayes calculation.


Both the classifiers work likewise yet the suspicions considered alongside the quantity of elements contrast. We can do both the characterizations on similar information and check the result and know the way in which information performs with both the grouping. These are the two most normal measurement models utilized in AI.

What is machine learning

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