Markha Valley Trek: Complete Guide


The Crown of India always has a special place for all the adventurous skiers. All over India, there are many places to visit or to explore different cultures, historic sites, nature, beauty, and many other places. But all the trekkers have a special place in their hearts for the northern Great Himalayan mountains of India. As it has all great types of scenery that one wants to see during trekking like- snowy mountains, forest trails, various flora and fauna, valleys, and more things to see. There are many treks in the Himalayan region that are very beautiful and worth giving a try.   

Just like many others which have Himalayan regions in them, Ladakh is a living heaven place for both the bikers and trekkers, As the Leh has beautiful mountains, valleys, and also the rivers. Ladakh is the only cold desert in India and has various new types of flora and fauna, valleys, both snowy or normal mountains, and adventurous trek areas. And one of these treks includes Markha Valley Trek. 


Markha Valley trek

Markha Valley trek is located near Hemis National Park of Ladakh. The trail is moderate to difficult and usually takes 6 days to complete the whole trek. The maximum altitude of the trek can go up to 17,060ft . This is a beautiful river valley full of adventure. The trek involves a lot of beautiful and stunning activities like- some waist-deep, river crossing, and crossing the famous high pass of Kongmaru La which is 17,060ft. Also includes the stunning view of 1mt Kang Yatse which is 21,300ft and also rocky canyons will be there along the trail. The Markha Valley has many villages which are highlights of the trek. All the villages have humble mud houses and lovely lush green fields all around the valley. The villages mostly follow Tibetan Culture which is very different, and also the ornaments of kitchen or house, Buddhist prayer flags, and many more things which come from Tibetan.  

The best thing about the trek 

There are many things that attract many trekkers, bikers, or photographers to this trek. Some are the listed famous things about the Markha Valley Trek-

Kang Yatse Views

On the 3rd day of the trek, the trail of Kang Yatse has come. After climbing the Umlung region, The peak of  Kang Yatse can be seen. It is a perfect pyramid peak, it is counted as one of the main magical sights of the whole trek. The peak can be seen until the Kongmaru La Pass. 

The villages in trail

The Markha and Hankar are spread all over the trek. Has beautiful green lush sight, in the middle of a barren and also a high-altitude desert. Markha is the biggest village in the trek and Hankar is raw but has stunning beauty.  

The view of Kongmaru La

The view from Kongmaru La pass is the best view of the whole trek and always surprises the trekkers and bikers. Both the Indus valley and the Ladakh mountain ranges can be seen.  Also, the Kang Yatse can be seen from the top.

Hemis National Park

In the trail, a National park ops leak can be also seen. And because the trek is in the Himalayan range there are many unseen and different types of both flora and fauna in the park. 

  • After the factors, the Ladakh Himalayan range can be seen all around. The Ladakh and Zanskar ranges, include the best 21,000ft Kang Yatse Peak and 20,086ft Stok Kangri Peaks. 
  • Deep waist river sections which are on the other hand of the Buddist villages and also have rocky canyons along the trails. 

Best time to visit 

The best time to visit this amazing Ladakh trek is June to September as the temperature of the place is moderate and the trekking can be done easily without any problem caused by the weather. And during this time many different animals can be seen in the trail. 

Reaching Ladakh

Before starting the trek all the trekkers have to visit Leh from various different modes of transport. Here is the following way to reach Leh

  • By road- There are many private cabs or buses to Leh. But first the trekkers ah to go to Manali and then come to Leh as there are no direct routes from the other state. It’s a long route and also time-consuming but many take this route for sightseeing and to have more chill time with their friends or loved ones.
  • By air- The easiest way to reach Leh is by the airport as all the airlines have Leh as their accommodation. And then one can easily reach to start their trek.


The North part of India has many adventurous places for all the trekkers, bikers, and photographers also. It’s a perfect place for those who want to have a special week with their loved ones.  

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