Manual Ways to Export Thunderbird Mailbox to MS Outlook

Moving to MBOX email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, to Microsoft Outlook is trending from for a long period of. A lot of companies are putting their trust in Outlook. Outlook client for long-term use . If we do comparisons between both email clients, the Outlook is superior absolutely. Outlook is an advanced and popular email client that permits customers to operate offline as well. It is not compatible with IMAP as well as Exchange Server, mobile platforms that Thunderbird isn’t able to do. For security, too, Outlook has better anti-spams as well as anti-virus and password security features. It also has an the ability to schedule emails as well as top-quality “Calendar services”, quality support for customers, features that are enterprise-grade and broad range of features for setting up accounts that are not available in the Thunderbird mail client.

This is why, in the desire of many organizations and users We will assist them by providing this blog on exporting Thunderbird mail into Outlook PST. Let’s begin the discussion.

Tips for exporting Thunderbird email messages into Outlook PST

  1. Native Solution
  2. Third-party Solution

Native Solution

The method involves changing or saving Thunderbird emails to EML files and then transferring the EML files to the Outlook program PST folder. Try this method.

In order to convert Thunderbird emails into EML formats, follow these steps sequentially.

  1. Start your Thunderbird email program. Start the MBOX mailbox folder in the file that contains the emails you wish to export. NOTE: It is recommended to move the emails you would like to move to PST file to separate MBOX mailbox folder prior to.
    Choose the desired emails by using the Ctrl button or select all using the Ctrl+A and then right-click on the mouse. Select the Save As option and then choose to select the EML option. Lastly, specify an EML saving path or a the location on your system drive to store the converted emails.
  2. The emails you have selected are changed to EML format files in the folder that is specified.

Now that you’ve successfully converted EML files to export into Outlook PST and the next step is to be completed in the manner described below.

For Outlook 2010 and earlier versions

  1. Launch using the Microsoft Outlook application and on the other hand, open the EML folder for files.
  2. Choose one of the EML documents from this folder. Drag them and then drop it to it’s Outlook PST mailbox folder.

In the event of the latest Outlook versions

This is where you have to transfer EMLs that you converted into your Windows Live Mail application on your computer and then export them to Outlook PST file.

Notification: Users can choose Outlook Express or Windows Mail email client platforms to convert EML files.

In order to move EML documents into Windows Live Mail application, use the drag-and-drop feature. This will allow you to move the EML files from their storage folder into the open Windows Live Mail application. The final step is to move EML file out of Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST folder. Follow these steps for the export.

  1. Launch the Windows Live Mail application and then select the File menu, and then select option to export your Email option. After that, select the Email messages option.
  2. A wizard will be opened to select Export as an option. Choose Microsoft Exchange and then click The Next.
  3. Simply click OK at the prompt to begin the process of exporting.
  4. In the Choose Profile dialog box, select Your Outlook Profile and then click “OK”.
  5. Then, select then the PST mailbox folder that you wish to transfer EML files.
  6. The export process begins moving forward and after completion, it will display the exported EML files within the selected PST folder.
So, we have tried this method native to export Thunderbird email messages to Outlook PST.

Notice: There is another method that you can follow to connect Gmail to a Thunderbird account using IMAP after having enabled IMAP in the Forwarding, POP/IMAP settings of your Gmail account, and then the option to use a less secure application within the associated Google account. Then, you can synchronize email to Gmail by registering Gmail as your Mail Account in Thunderbird and using IMAP to copy MBOX emails into the Gmail folders with the Gmail address. Then, set up this Gmail account within the Outlook application the Account settings. However, this method only transfers only a few emails at a slow speed for users and also indirectly.

Apart from that, MBOX emails can be forward as attachments to an Outlook account by clicking on the selected email messages and then selecting the Forward as Attachments option. This will open the email message and include selected attachments. enter the Outlook address and click the Send. After that, on Outlook, receive the email from the MBOX client by selecting the Send/Receive option. Then, drag attachments into the active window for a few minutes and then drag and drop messages from that window into your Outlook inbox.

The major drawback to this method is that the speed of the internet and the provider . This is the primary issue. Additionally, it’s an unsecure and indirect native process.

The difference between Native and Third-Party solutions

We will tell you the key distinctions between native and third-party Mbox to PST conversion which we’re going to offer you. Below are a few issues with the native application that we have just used that aren’t found in the professional third-party solution.

  1. Long-lasting solution
  2. Incorporates complex
  3. Data hierarchy is not in good order, integrity isn’t maintained, maintenance
  4. Repeated procedure to transfer multiple files
  5. Doesn’t move deleted emails into Outlook
  6. Three email clients must be installed on the same server
  7. There are no filter options
  8. Different procedure for various Outlook versions (for the most recent versions, Windows Live Mail needed)
  9. The technical aspect of the issue
  10. At risk of manual mistakes
  11. No attachments are transferred
  12. Potential for incomplete data transfer Loss of SMTP headers
  13. Not suitable for all users.
  14. There is no guarantee of the migration of emails.
  15. Indirect process, with two or three stages process
  16. Attachments that have been transferred appear empty


These limitations can’t be ignored in any way and, to ensure a smooth, streamlined transfer of Thunderbird emails to Outlook PST, we should think about a third-party option such as MBOX into Outlook PST Converter. The most awaited tool available to the present. It requires your MBOX file for the direct transfers of your mailbox information including emails to the Outlook PST format, plus other formats for files and many other destinations too. There is no requirement for installed email programs like Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail to process the conversion process using this program. It is compatible with Thunderbird and the of the other MBOX compatible email programs to migrate. Find out about the purpose of this tool and the features it offers next.


While there’s a manual way that allows you to transfer Mozilla Thunderbird emails to Microsoft Outlook PST using EML files in addition to Windows Live Mail, it isn’t a good choice due to the limitations it carries. Instead, it is better to opt for a professional application that can perform the perfect and secure email import of Thunderbird client Microsoft Outlook client easily. For more details visit here

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