Manual Steps to Convert OLM Files to PST File

OLM files are the databases used by Outlook for Mac application. It was designed with the design of macOS in mind. The user interface and the hierarchy of folders in Outlook for Mac is different from Windows Outlook So, if you need to use it, or you’ve changed your computer between iMac to Windows it is necessary be able to change your OLM file into PST format.

There are additional limitations with the OLM file, for example, it is not able to sync contact groups with Exchange Server, no sharing of calendar entries, no tasks checklist creation and there is no preview of attaching attachments to emails as well as not even Office 365 Group access, and many other issues that can be addressed by converting this OLM file.

Therefore, it’s pretty obvious that one can’t use OLM files directly within Outlook installed on a Windows environment. The file must be converted into PST formats first.

The most common causes or scenarios that trigger the OLM conversion to PST conversion are as follows:

  • Inaccessibility for Mac environment or work temporarily on Windows environment.
  • Permanently shifting the organization to a Windows environment.
  • In order to increase the wide transferability of email information (as Windows environment is widely utilized).
  • Found orphaned or shared OLM files on the system and require access to its information
  • Acquisitions and mergers of companies that lead to the adoption of Windows environments for working
  • You will need to utilize the Windows environment to temporarily access the Windows

Once we have figured out the need to OLM converters, we can start the method of conversion that can be automated or free. On this page, we will give the full details of the free procedure of conversion to readers.

Free Manual Method

The process of converting OLM to PST is completely free, however it takes time and effort for its completion. It requires technical knowledge in users to complete multiple stages of conversion. The fundamental idea behind this free conversion is to create an IMAP account through a Gmail account, and then setting it to work with Outlook to use Mac email. Then, with the help of a label created in Gmail transfer OLM messages to IMAP mailbox, which will later be converted to Outlook for Windows.

To have a clear idea of what the procedure is and how to complete the steps in a sequence take a look at the steps required to carry out OLM file conversion without cost.

Methods to Perform OLM to Outlook PST Conversion

The steps below must be completed in the specified sequence to achieve conversion to be successful.

Setting IMAP Server Account via Gmail

To create an IMAP account within your Gmail application follow these steps.

  1. Log into your Gmail account using the username and password. Click the Settings and select Forwarding and POP/IMAP tabs.
  2. Go to the IMAP Access option and select IMAP Access Enable as an option.
  3. New IMAP account is set up.

Setting up IMAP Accounts with Outlook for Mac

After you have created the IMAP account within Gmail (enabling IMAP in Gmail Settings) It is necessary to connect this account to Outlook to Mac. Follow these steps.

  1. Start Outlook for Mac. Launch the Outlook for Mac application and then go through the Tools menu and select Accounts..
  2. This window on Accounts is going to opened. Click here to select the E-mail account option.
  3. Then, you can add the identical Gmail account username and password as the login credentials. Select the Add Account Option to include it.
    NOTE: Add IMAP Server as an account, select SSL connection option with SMTP server and the port number 465 as information.
  4. IMAP mail account will be added to the system and can be viewed under the Mail tab.

Creating Label in Gmail Account

After you have the IMAP account has been set up using an Outlook for Mac email client Once you have the account configured, you can begin the next task , which is to create the label. Please let us know the steps to follow.

  1. You can open your Gmail account and then click on the Settings. There, click on the Labels tab, and then click on the Create a new label option in the Labels section.
  2. Add a name to the label, and then click Make.
  3. The label will be created. Make sure whether the option Show on IMAP is selected.
  4. Go to your Outlook for Mac email client and click the “Send/Receive” option to update an IMAP mailbox to upgrade it.

Moving OLM Emails to IMAP Server Mailbox

This step involves moving your desired OLM emails to an IMAP mailboxes on the Mac Outlook application. Follow the steps below to accomplish this.

  1. Choose the desired folder for mailbox items from the OLM mailbox Right click, and then choose Copy > Move to Folder.
  2. Enter the name of the the desired IMAP folder, and then click the copy option. Repeat the process for multiple transfers of files.
  3. Hit “Send” or “Receive” to make the transfer updated.
  4. Then, all OLM emails have been transferred into those IMAP Server account mailbox folders.

Configuring IMAP Account in Windows Outlook

The last task is to set-up the IMAP account to work with OLM emails in Microsoft Outlook. Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Control Panel>Mail>Email Accounts>New.
  2. On the Account page, choose the Manually set server configurations option and then click the Next button..
  3. Choose the option IMAP/POP Settings and then click.
  4. Give the account’s login details as well as the server’s details, then click the More Setting option.
  5. In the Advanced tab, enter details such as 993 port number to set up IMAP server settings, and 465 as a port number to set up SMTP servers settings. Select SSL connection for all settings and save the settings. Then, select the End option.
  6. Then, transfer OLM emails from your configured IMAP folder into your PST Inbox folder of your mailbox by drag or copy-paste actions.

As you can see, the process is multi-staged , and consequently time-consuming. There are also high chances of human errors occurring throughout the entire process. In addition, only a handful of OLM emails are able to be transferred at one time by this process. If you want to transfer large amounts of data it is necessary to take longer and more effort are required. Because these processes are indirect, they may be loopholes at any point that could impact the subsequent stage. It is necessary to use different environments ((Windows as well as Mac) in addition to the running email clients simultaneously is an additional hurdle for users. Although, the process is feasible, it has many issues for users to overcome as described previously.

Third Party Solution:

Therefore, it is recommended to look into alternatives to be on your safety. OLM to PST converter tool is a great tool that can perform a effortless OLM conversion to PST conversion within minutes. The conversion process is completed in just 5-6 easy steps with the ability to transfer information. There are no complicated server settings necessary in this automated conversion. It even has filters to allow for a customized conversion that is compatible with every Outlook versions. Also, you can try both methods yourself and pick your preference of the method you prefer to use.


OLM Converter allow access MAC Outlook emails into the Microsoft Outlook email client and the only option that’s free is an extensive process that involves IMAP servers settings. The process is described in depth in this article and includes a discussion of the best solution automated toward the final. For more details visit: here

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