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Mansa Musa of Mali Net Worth:

Mansa Musa had a Lot of Money:

Mansa Musa was the tenth ruler of the Mali Empire, and he led the country for a long time. It went from 1312 to 1337. He is thought to be one of the richest people in history because of how much gold Mali made while he was in power. Today, $400 billion would be the equivalent of his wealth at the time, but it was worth a lot less. As time went on, Mansa Musa was the ruler of Mali, which was a country in Africa.

Mansa Musa Birth:

Mansa Musa was born in 1280. In 1337, he passed away (or possibly 1332). “King of Kings” is what he was called. He was the 10th Mansa. It used to be that the Ghana Empire had a lot of land in Mali. When Musa took over, the Ghana Empire lost that land. When Mana Musa lived in Wangara, he was called Lord of the Mines in the city and Emir of Melle, which means “lord.” He was also known as the Conqueror, Ghanata, or Ghanata, and people called him that. In Abubakari II’s office, he was his deputy. He never came back from a trip. During the trip to Mecca in 1324, when Mansa Musa was a lot of faith. It was four pounds of gold bars for each of the 12,000 slaves and 60,000 men he took with him. Musa was in demand of a lot of big building projects in Gao and Timbuktu, like mosques and madrasas. As the ruler of Sankore, he built the Sankore Madrasah, which was very well-known and well-known to people.

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The time that the Richest Person in the World:

The richest person in history is thought to have been Mansa Musa. This is what Elon Musk had in his bank account at the end of September 2021: $340 billion. It was worth $340 billion to John D. Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie had a net worth of $310 billion, so they had a lot of money.

History and Pilgrimage of the Place:

In the writings of Arab scholars, like Ibn Battuta, Al-Umari, and more, we can learn a lot about the life of Mansa Musa. It was Abu-Bakr Keita, the nephew of Sundiata Keita, who was the grandfather of Mansa Musa, who was born. He was the ruler of the country at the time. People think Keita started the Malian Empire, and he is also thought to be its first ruler, but this is not true. There were no kings or important people in Mali’s history from Mansa Musa’s family. His grandfather, Faga Laye, and father, Faga Laye, didn’t do that.

king in Mali:

To become king in Mali, the current king had to pick someone else to run the country while he went to Mecca or took another trip. During his trip to the Atlantic Ocean, Musa was the king’s go-to person to help him with things. In the past, Abubakari Keita II, who was the king before him, named him as his deputy. If that’s not true, then Musa took the throne.

Between 1324 and 1325, Musa walked 2,700 miles to Mecca as he went on his journey. When he led his group, there were 60,000 men and slaves. They brought gold, bags, and silk clothes. When it came to the men, there were a lot of horses on their way Some of them also had a lot of gold dust on them, so they had 80 camels with them. Musa gave gold to the many poor people he met and traded gold in different cities as he went. He also built mosques as he went. It was on his way home from Cairo and Medina that Musa tried to get things back to normal by borrowing gold from money lenders who charged high-interest rates in these cities. The cities had a lot of gold, which made the metal less valuable. Musa tried to fix things by borrowing gold from money lenders in these cities. When one person controlled the gold industry and the price of gold, it was the only time in history that one person did that.


There were a lot of people who saw Musa’s wealth, especially in gold, when people went to Mecca. This made it easy for them to see. There were many mosques and madrasas built-in Mali during the time he was in charge. During this time, he built the Sankore Madrasah (the University of Sankore). People who live in cities should also live in cities. During his time, more and more people moved to cities. He is said to have been a big part of the rise of urban civilization.

On Pilgrimage:

Musa made Timbuktu and Goa part of his empire. He also made these cities part of his empire. It took a lot of help from Spaniards and Egyptians for him to build the Djinguereber Mosque in Timbuktu during this time. During Musa’s time, Timbuktu became a place where people could trade and learn about different kinds of things. It was also a place to learn about Islam. Because of this, during his time as king, the University of Sankore built a library that was bigger than the Library of Alexandria. It had about 1,000,000 manuscripts, which was even bigger than the Library of Alexandria at the time. The city became so well-known that trades in southern European cities like Venice and Genoa added Timbuktu to their routes because it was so important.


The exact date of Musa’s death isn’t known for sure because it’s a hot topic for scholars. Musa is said to have ruled for 25 years. Some people think his death date was in 1337 because of this. Many other people say he died a long time ago. They say records show that he gave the throne to his son and died soon after he came back from Mecca in 1325. It was built in 1337. A new report says that Musa was alive at this time.

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