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Let’s Know More About Poker Heat Free Chips & Gift Cards

Poker Heat is an online casino game. The app is available both for iOS and Android app users and can be accessed from anywhere. You can start playing the game by logging in using your email address or Facebook credentials. You can start getting rewarded after submitting a friend request to play a poker heat game. To play the game long enough you will require to have free chips and that can be received by going through Spin Coin News.

How Do I Get Free Chips in Poker Heat?

  • By Free Chips Button

Every four hours click/tap on a free chip button present on the main screen. Continue this process as much as possible to collect large volumes of free Poker Heat chips.

  • By Spinning Mega Wheel

To start your spin you are required to play 10 poker hands at any stake. You can turn the Mega Bonus Wheel every 20 hours. Your position on the wheel determines the number of Poker Heat free chips you receive.

  • By Playing Leagues

If you do well in leagues you will get additional free Poker Heat chips at the end of the game. You should try to get in the top league if you want to get the most chips. You will get most chips if you make it to the top three in the league. So, try to climb up as many positions as you can to gain more chips.

  • By Collecting Free Chips From Friends

You can get a chip gift when other players will add you as a friend in the game. The number of free Poker Heat you receive will be determined by your league. You can ask other players over there to be your friends if you want many chips and see who all adds you. To know more about getting free chips, you can go through Spin Coin News.

  • By Collecting Rings

Every time you grab a ring you will get millions of chips. It can take a longer time to earn ring crowns and you will have to play frequently to get them.

  • By Inviting Friends

Introducing new players to the game will get you chips.

  • By Watching Ads

Each time you watch a video ad on the mobile edition of the game, you get to buy 4000 chips.

Poker Heat Free Chips & Cards 2022

Poker Heat-free chips, coins, spins, and slots are distributed regularly to let players play the game by offering access to rewards. Players will be able to get hands-on discounts, loyalty programs, app credits, Facebook awards, and much more. Can then share gaming bonus links with friends and family.


Poker Heat is available across different platforms and devices for users to play. Chips and coins are required to play the game and not all options out there to acquire them are expensive. There are a number of ways in which you can have them available for free.

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