Knowing The Tulsi-Astrological Tips

Introduction: Why is Tulsi important to Hindu households?

The holy Basil or the Tulsi forms an essential and common plant in most of our houses. The reason behind this is: that Tulsi is one of the most sacred plants and we worship it because of its connection with Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology, the plant is the earthly form of Tulsi, who was a devotee of Vishnu and the pleased God blessed her with fortune. From that day on, Tulsi is offered to God in every house. Tulsi is believed to have Lord Brahma in its branches and the slightly darker form Shyama Tulsi is considered to be an incarnation of Krishna, because of its complexion. Keeping Tulsi in your house is believed to bring wealth, peace, and prosperity. A person worshipping Tulsi on a daily basis is believed to get Moksha.

Besides this mythological significance, Tulsi has many scientific and medicinal properties too. Not only is it a part of our Indian tradition, but scientifically, it boosts the amount of oxygen present in the house. It is known as the “Queen of herbs” and a person consuming Tulsi leaves has better immunity to fight infections and viral diseases. You can also get rid of kidney stones and prevent cancer using Tulsi. It keeps mosquitos and certain other insects away from your house. 

Thus, Tulsi is very significant in your life. The proper utilization of Tulsi keeps your mind, body, and soul fresh and healthy. 

Astrological benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi has immense benefits according to astrology. Tulsi eliminates the negative impacts of Venus and Moon, as a result, the person gets success and money. If one’s birth chart has a faulty Sun, he can wear a garland made of Tulsi to reduce the bad effects. For a married couple who is facing quarrels daily, worshipping Tulsi can take the evil off their lives, making the relationship stronger. If your house has a Vastu dosh, you can use Tulsi to make it right. 


The Tulsi Vastu


As discussed, Tulsi makes the Vastu of your house correct, only if it is placed properly. According to Vastu shastra, Tulsi should be placed in the north, north-east or center of the house. Placing Tulsi in the West can attract negative energies, so it is not a good choice. You can also place the plant on your balcony or near a window. The best day to plant Tulsi is Thursday, in the month of Karthik. The plant should be placed under enough sunlight. Ensure the place you are placing the Tulsi in is neat and does not have brooms, shoes or garbage near it, as they disrespect the holy plant. You can keep colorful, flowering plants near it. Take good care of it and avoid drying the plant, as it might affect the health of your family. Tulsi will bring harmony and happiness to your home if maintained well. 


Right ways of worshipping Tulsi


According to Vastu shastra, there are certain rules to follow before worshipping Tulsi to get the best results. Here are the ways:

  1. Keep a Tulsi chaura, a four-sided cement structure to grow the plant. Light an oil lamp near it. Offer water through a Kalash, hold it with both hands. Chant the Tulsi mantra while worshipping it.
  2. Offer kumkum, haldi and flowers to keep the Tulsi pleased.
  3. Avoid watering the plant or breaking the leaves on Ekadashi and Lunar eclipse. 
  4. Do not keep a dry plant in your house, as it brings misery.
  5. Worship the plant both morning and in the evening.




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