Is Cyber Crime As Serious As We Think?

A cybercrime lawyer defends against the most insidious forms of cybercrime. They include identity theft and other types of fraud committed using the Internet. Law enforcement isn’t always prepared to handle these cases and the victims have very few resources available to them. But by contacting a cyber crime lawyer, you can get help dealing with the aftermath of being victimized by cybercriminals.

Better known as hacking, cybercrime has become a popular part of our culture. Whether in the form of malware, viruses, denial of service attacks, or other nefarious crimes against the computer systems and networks we trust. These days it’s hard to avoid hearing about some new cyber crime attack that threatens the security of millions of people. This may lead you to wonder just how serious this issue is

What are the different types of cyber crimes?

A good place to start is by categorizing cyber crimes. There are two main categories:

(1) Computer intrusion

(2) Computer fraud and abuse.

Within each category, you can break down specific types of cyber crimes even further. Under computer intrusion, for example, you’ll find identity theft and wire fraud; under computer fraud and abuse. There are issues like trafficking in counterfeit service marks, copyright infringement, or computer trespass (unauthorized access to computers). The fact that these topics can be broken down into different subcategories doesn’t mean a cyber crime lawyer will take on every cybercrime case. But it does mean he/she might better understand where your case belongs and know how to proceed accordingly.

The penalties for cybercrime convictions

The penalties for cybercrime depend on what kind of crime it is. The maximum sentence possible can vary widely, but they include fines and incarceration. In addition, many cybercriminals will face additional civil lawsuits from victims who have been harmed by their actions. That means that if you’re convicted of cybercrime, you could face criminal penalties plus significant additional damages in court. To be sure you fully understand how serious cyber crimes are and how to protect yourself. And your company is against them, contact a lawyer today.

Tips to lessen your possibility of becoming a victim

Use strong passwords: Over half of cyber crimes are committed with weak, default, or stolen passwords. Make sure your password is complex, unique, and not based on personal information. Using qwerty or password123 will make it easy for hackers to access all your online accounts with one brute force attack. Change your passwords every few months (at least). Also, never use public Wi-Fi without some form of encryption. And consider using two-step authentication on key accounts like Gmail or Facebook—, an extra password sent via text message. To make life harder for thieves. Consider using a service that can protect you from phishing attacks like (Google) or (open source).

Do you need a lawyer to help with cybercrime charges?

Though cyber crimes might be thought of as less serious than their physical counterparts. It’s important to realize that cybercrime offenses are still very real, and can still have very serious legal consequences. Just because you don’t see or feel injuries from one type of crime over another doesn’t mean that one offense is any less of an offense. It just means it was committed over an electronic line instead of in person. Most cyber crimes are handled just like any other kind of crime. A prosecutor will file charges against an individual if they believe there is enough evidence to warrant doing so.

What questions should you ask when looking for a lawyer that specializes in cybercrime cases?

The first step is to gather some initial facts about your situation and decide what you’re looking for in a lawyer. Do you want someone local to where you live or does it not matter? If they live hundreds of miles away from where your business is based. Do you want someone with specific experience in dealing with cybercrime? Or do you just need legal assistance with a problem that could conceivably be caused by technology (like malware or computer viruses)? The more specific you are when searching, the better results your search will yield. Be ready for a long search; cyber crime lawyers are very specialized and may require referrals, and recommendations. And even substantial personal research before deciding on which one is right for your case.

04 quick tips from a top lawyer on how to stay safe online

  1. Limit who has access to your personal information on social networking sites.
  2. Don’t click on links or attachments that you are unsure about, even if they appear to come from friends or relatives. Malware is often distributed in emails masquerading as legitimate messages from individuals you know and trust.
  3. Don’t give out information if it’s not relevant to an inquiry you’ve received (this can include your address or phone number).
  4. Use security software with virus protection and firewall functionality to scan all downloaded files before opening them. So, you can catch malware before it is installed on your computer and causes damage (software updates should also be run regularly).
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