incredibly Powerful Spell Mods For U10 That You Must Try

So today we’re going to be looking at fall even credibly powerful spell mods for update 10 and if you haven’t tried them yet you really should so what are we gonna take a look at the first one.

So the first one we’re looking at today is a cool band song for you 10 I would just cast a spell you can say the time has completely frozen all over the map meaning items and NPCs are going to be unable to me for a short duration until I decide to freeze them what are we gonna try this out on some bad guys like in haste 5e.

So I’ve got a few friends now let’s try this out on so let’s go ahead and resign and then I’m just gonna go over and because if you in these 2 are friends here just a few mains here in that then I can only assume that 13 sorry they’re gonna have 1 or 2 surprises like dispel magic 5e to wake up to let’s try it out.

Yes well, you can see they definitely felt the effects of that some of them live though fortunate. We can change outlets free time again now we’re just gonna go and hit this guy yeah he’s lost that leg let’s see year your head’s gonna come off.

Inappropriate position

Now you’re in a really inappropriate position my guy so you deserve to die just for that and you miss you looks like you get a little bit too excited about that so we’re gonna sort you out as well.

So if your chops the face that comes to mind here make sure I still have a bit you’ll get maxi there we go no just gonna grab this ROC K. I’m a-gonna position at Casterly above.

Never mind I’ve noticed a strange issue here see these guys are frozen but as on stopping by. The game is the read that data so more people sworn in but this is so that is hard enough on top of each of their clothes for the activity but the anyway we should probably just stick this in the event that.

And then they dissipate okay that some free time. It will disappear. But it’s still very cool and use notes a situation whoa okay let me just talk about voluble in midday so was going to grab this noise the position not bad and that I’m free site.

Also, he’s gonna try again was gonna freeze time gonna stick that role in the chest I’m just going to position ourselves here behind you I’m gonna come and skate staff is well.

And on the free side well okay let’s take a look at the next month so the next mother will take a look at is one I’m sure you’re all familiar with mystic hands this is what allows you to so many huge magical hands to punch fro all crush your enemies what are we go take a look at this now.

Magical hands

So in casting the spell you be given these huge right hand you can just write fully with you can push them around shows them crush them what remains of the floor gives me a good smile.

It’s just a lot of fun well it really is I just I will return to the world she’s not getting up again look at this guy. He just fell overlooked at our facility. Take it out most people just want it. The family’s intro. They just devastate. This one hit out.

You can grab weapons with them as well and you can even grab the people of course to slam into the ground and throw them around often.

I could really spend I was having fun with this and then it was all going to stop because it’s on and so we should probably just cut to the next March.

So the next mud with taking a look at its cold atomic disintegration that what this does is allow you to maintain your enemies to dust but they would never even back what we go take a look.


So if you P. put in that’s tried this out on was gonna view our weapon and then from this person and as you can see they’ve turned to dust now if we strong some of the weapons that also does. It’s just not easy.

So basically as long as you don’t mess no one is ever going to be able to touch you. See you later. Your gun. And he’s gone as well. Now, this is anywhere if you make contact with them if you hit the shields of that.

So it doesn’t wear which does allow for some sort of play and then of course when you’ve had enough of that make sure you make contacts and that does. Well, what a shock.

So the issue seems to have worn off on this now even though the effects ARE we can just spot again. Charge it up. I’m with Dustin people again. What how does. Totally made me lose my pleasure.

So anyway this one does have a new year’s I just need to get some of these guys out a second. There you go I’m. Okay so if you June will dispel the gravity spell.

This way for a few more weeks got around this and pull it apart it’s going to make everyone disappear saying sorry everyone in the mac was just said to dust.

Spelling go off your hands in flames

So it’s a good time to check out the next March case the next bell mother with taking a look at is the fire dragon I have faced this spelling go off your hands in flames truly he took the bottle by giving you the ability to put your enemies with fire what are we gonna try this out now.

Okay so let’s try these bad boys I hope. Destroyed him what. Ave. Today. Fire to the face. These ads you know you have 5 are your hands but that should be killing them in one hit I’m sending him flying in. And you are Mister. Still get. Well then what happened to him he’s got a face full of. Yeah.

Which is destroying these people they can’t take the heat. Have a look at this in slow motion the seconds we see. Well, she went far. WeissLaw. Okay, we check out the next month.

Casting spell

So the last is about a month away from taking a look at today is holy light this spell will heal you while casting spell if you can view your weapon it will grant it Lloyd stealing abilities stowing go how voice laying your enemies what do you say we go to the site.

Okay so just people not just so that we were fighting like any normal situation this guy was coming to us with that with the foibles loans so so this is the view also do this now what this is going to do is allow a weapon to steal life and give it to us I was down on the enemy.

No, I think that’s what it’s doing right I called really tell I’m not sure there’s a way to tell. Well I mean we don’t seem to be getting her. You time so many shooters way. Get right.

Now it is full of for these people a little while to see if the. We get onto. Because they haven’t even managed to close a red screen. I know we’ve been here a few times.


We should be a walk in the room was much con house cookies. You know whoa that was a close one. It’s in the face. Sure we just are backed up by a ball into a. There is no show to stop that.

You are here and that’s all they are concerned about and we are not losing health. Was this review this? We get hit by fire destroys just waded into. As far as I can so we haven’t got any cheats on or anything like that anyhow months.

Holding the spot right now you can see the I haven’t gone instability on. Yeah, we’re gonna die in. Just wait to see if we do eventually die. Now some come out. Right right. There we go.

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