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Importance Of Wearing Proper Shoes In Sports

During the peak of the pandemic, health and fitness was a top priority for most people. According to a report from Research and Markets, the global market for sports footwear will reach €85.2 billion by 2027, up from €61 billion in 2020.

Athletic footwear has grown even more trendy as the pandemic has become more controllable and individuals have begun to resume their exercise routines.

More significantly, they’re quickly establishing themselves as a daily necessity for maintaining health and wellness.

A good athletic shoe is essential whether you’re jogging, biking, playing sports, or using gym equipment. Improper footwear might lead to injury, compromising your health or weight-loss goals.

Investing in a good shoe can help you avoid foot and ankle injuries while also making your training more enjoyable and comfortable. If you’re serious about your jogging and your health, you should buy a pair of shoes designed specifically for a runner’s motion and mechanics.


Types of shoes

For any form of exercise, there are a range of sports shoes on the market;

  • For joggers, there are running shoes with built-in shock absorbers, while for walkers, there are lighter walking shoes.
  • Cardio shoes are light and shock-absorbing to reduce foot fatigue and soften the ball of the foot, which results in pressure during brisk walking.
  • Tennis shoes have flexible soles to cushion your feet from the fast side-to-side motions of tennis, and they’re designed to glide over clay or grass rather than propel you forward for miles.
  • Basketball sneakers with thick soles and high tops offer extra support against knee and ankle injuries caused by jumping.
  • There are other cross-training shoes available. If you participate in a variety of sports or exercises as part of your training, these are appropriate.


Important factors to consider

According to the American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society, the sort of shoe you purchase should be based on the sport you participate in the most. Choose a sports shoe that corresponds to the type of exercise you do three times a week or more.

Let’s start with the most important feature of running shoes: fit. Running in a shoe that is too little, too big, too thin, or with a foot that rubs and sores you is the worst. 

Take your time trying on both shoes and, if possible, go for a run in the store or on a track.

With all that in mind, consider the following arguments for investing in good, well-fitting athletic footwear:

Shoes and foot injuries

Workout shoes that aren’t designed for the job can cause a range of problems. Aside from the more visible ailments like ankle strain and fractures, bunions, and corns, there are a variety of other injuries that are widespread.

Metatarsalgia, a condition characterized by pain in the ball of the foot, can be worse by ill-fitting footwear.

Improves stability

Trevor Thieme, a trained strength and conditioning specialist, recommends wearing suitable footwear when undertaking activities that demand stabilization, such as plyometric or jumping.

According to Thieme, in addition to having the correct (springy) surface for these sports, one also needs to have suitable shoes. Shock-absorbent shoes are your best option.

They provide increased posture and strength, reducing the risk of accidents, which can result in catastrophic injuries.

Improved foot health

Your feet will also be healthier if you wear the right athletic footwear. Make it a habit to inspect your feet frequently if you’re always active in sports activities. Inflammation, heat, rashes, ulcers, and warts should be absent.

When dealing with short or chronic injuries, this is extremely vital. Your recovery routine should also include wearing the proper footwear. Perhaps, this will protect your feet from the extreme stress they endure while participating in sports.

If you’re getting blisters, sores, inflammation, or stiffness in your feet after exercising, it’s time to acquire new athletic shoes that fit better.


One way to tell if you’re wearing the proper shoes is whether or not they’re comfortable. If your shoes don’t feel natural on your feet, they’re either the correct size or the wrong style for your needs.

Wearing the improper sort of shoes for even a short period can bring tension and suffering to your tissues, ligaments, and joints. Comfortable shoes, on the other hand, should have a decent midsole to cushion the foot.

As your foot touches the ground, well-fitting boots should also help to align it. These will keep your feet nice and warm when you’re participating in sports or exercising.


Different types of running shoes

Runners have been divided into numerous categories for the past two decades based on their pronation. Or how much the arch falls during the racing motion.

The natural way for your body to absorb the shock of hitting the ground is for the arch to collapse (pronation).

Pronation is beneficial. However, some runners overpronate, resulting in a flat arch and significant inward rolling of the foot while running. They don’t always pronate enough, resulting in a non-collapsing arch.

Padding (or neutral) and stability (or support) are two traditional running shoe categories:

Cushion shoes

The midsole of these shoes is made of softer materials (air, gel, or a soft EVA foam) to assist the runner to absorb shock.

Stability shoes

Stability shoes are designed to give the runner’s foot the support it needs to maintain the proper gait line. Most stability shoes have dual thickness foam. Which is evident as a darker (typically gray) insert of foam on the midline – or interior – side of the shoe’s sole.



To conclude, having good sports shoes is essential whether you’re jogging, boxing, or cross-training. With improper shoes, not only is it more difficult to move around, but it can also lead to injury and undermine your fitness goals.

The necessity for the correct shoes has expanded as the pandemic has encouraged individuals to engage in greater sorts of physical activity.

While personal preference plays a role in selecting the proper brand and style. There are a few general guidelines that you should be aware of before you buy branded shoes for sports.


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