How To Set Up A Barber Shop?

How to start a barber shop? Maybe you’ve spent years working and honing your skills, but now you feel ready to face new challenges and start your own business.

Thinking of people like you, we decided to prepare complete content with a step-by-step guide and all the information you need to plan, regularize and open your beauty shop.

Do you want to know more about it and find out what it takes to get your plans off the ground and put everything into practice? So, don’t waste more time and check all the content details.

Why set up a barber shop?

With expressive numbers and increasing demand for beauty services, no doubt investing in setting up a hairdressing shop can prove to be an extremely promising and profitable business.

The concern of the USA population with aesthetics and beauty care is so great that the sector continues to expand and grow even in periods of crisis and economic instability.

How to start a barber shop business plan from scratch?

Setting up a barber shop business plan from scratch can even be a huge challenge. But it’s sure to be very rewarding once you start earning and recording your profits.

Knowing this, we encouraged you to put together a complete step-by-step guide with everything needed to completely set up a beauty shop from scratch.

Check out the step-by-step below and learn more!

1. Build the business plan

The first step in setting up a hairdressing shop from scratch is to create a complete business plan.

The business plan is a document that will gather a series of important and strategic information for the organization of your future business, including:

  • Hall name;
  • Financial planning;
  • Marketing Planning;
  • Study of Competitors;
  • Definition of the Target Audience;
  • List of Suppliers;
  • Services Offered;
  • Payback Time;
  • Ideal Location;
  • Need for Manpower;
  • Among other important factors.

Based on the information in the business plan, you can move forward and put into practice the next steps to set up a successful barber shop.

2. Choose the ideal location

When setting up a hairdressing shop, choosing the ideal location is a strategic item and one of the most relevant for the future of the business.

Knowing this, choose the best possible location to set up your business, taking into account factors such as:

  • The flow of people in the region;
  • Ease of getting there with various kinds of transportation;
  • Ease of parking;
  • Site security;
  • Profile of the target audience present in the region;
  • Cost for leasing the property.

In addition to the above items, you should consider whether the space is large enough to comfortably serve and receive customers and the amount needed for renovation expenses.

The idea is to find a balance between costs and location, to attract as many customers as possible without compromising your budget.

3. Define the range of services offered

After drawing up the business plan and choosing the best location to set up a barber shop, it’s time to consider the services offered.

A beauty shop can offer a wide variety of services, depending on the goals and size of the establishment.

Among the services that can be offered, we can highlight:

  • Haircut;
  • Hair brushing and relaxation services;
  • Painting and hairstyles;
  • Manicure and pedicure services;
  • eyebrow design;
  • Hair removal;
  • Hair discoloration;
  • Makeup Services.

In addition to the items listed above, many shops are also equipped to offer other beauty services, which include:

  • Skin cleansing;
  • facial hydration;
  • Exfoliation;
  • Lymphatic drainage;
  • Makeup;
  • eyebrow design;
  • Relaxing massage;
  • Therapeutic massage.

Invest in the acquisition of equipment to set up a hairdressing shop; you will also need to invest in the acquisition of utensils and equipment, which includes:

  • washbasins;
  • hairdressing chair;
  • dryers;
  • straighteners;
  • Curler;
  • mirrors;
  • Cabinets;
  • Trolley for transporting equipment;
  • scissors;
  • aprons;
  • Manicure chairs;
  • armchairs;
  • Beauty products in general;
  • Computer;
  • TV;
  • Printer;
  • Counter;
  • Decoration items;
  • Air conditioning.

Invest in hiring labor

Another important point to be observed by those who intend to set up a hairdressing shop is hiring specialized labor.

As we are talking about an establishment that operates exclusively in the provision of services, it is essential to have qualified and well-trained professionals to ensure customer satisfaction and the success of your establishment.

Therefore, we recommend that you be very rigorous in your selection process, which may include hiring the following professionals:

  • Hairdresser;
  • Barber;
  • Manicure/Pedicure;
  • Makeup artist;
  • Epilator;
  • Beautician;

Regulate your business

Finally, before starting the activities of your beauty shop, don’t forget to count on the support and advice of an accountant to regularize your business.

To function legally, keep your obligations up to date and avoid problems with the tax authorities and other public bodies, your shop will need the following documents:

  • Registration with the Board of Trade;
  • CNPJ;
  • Municipal registration;
  • Location and Operation Permit;
  • Health Surveillance License.

With the support of accounting services, you can obtain these documents and regularize your business in a few days.

How much does it cost to set up a barbershop?

The cost of setting up a beauty shop will depend on several factors, including the size of the establishment and the range of services offered.

However, the good news for those starting is that it is perfectly possible to set up a barber shop on a budget.

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