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How to Mend Login Problems of QuickBooks Online on Chrome?

It can be very aggravating when customers of QuickBooks have trouble getting into QuickBooks Online using Google Chrome. Due to security concerns, this error can occur frequently. The user will need to update a new Intuit account with increased protection if this account is found. In this post we have discussed about how a user can resolve the login problems of QuickBooks online on Chrome. So, keep reading!

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Various Instances of QuickBooks Online Not Working with Chrome:

You can run across a number of the issues indicated in the bullet points below while using QuickBooks Online on Chrome.

  • QuickBooks Online on Chrome displays a blank screen while logging in.
  • Unexpectedly failed experienced while accessing QuickBooks Online from Google Chrome.
  • QuickBooks Online not functioning in Google Chrome
  • Problems with QuickBooks Online login and incorrect QuickBooks Online loading on Chrome.

Different solutions to rectify the Login Problem of QuickBooks Online on Chrome

Setting Chrome’s set up to be helpful for QuickBooks Online is the best method to fix the issue.

Solution 1: Reset the Wrong Date and Time on Your PC

Normally, time and date settings have no direct impact on internet connectivity. However, you might see browser alerts if they are not configured properly. Check the date and time set on your system by viewing your taskbar’s extreme bottom right corner. If they are incorrect, follow the steps below:

  • Right-click on time and hit on ‘Adjust date/Time.’
  • Choose the correct time zone and time/date.
  • Hit the ‘Enter.’ Key to reflect the changes.
  • Once you are done, try accessing the QuickBooks online software on Chrome and check if the error got fixed.


Solution 2: Check your Internet Connection

You must check your Internet connectivity to fix the QuickBooks Online not working with Chrome problem. If you see the ‘webpage cannot be found’ error while attempting to use QuickBooks Online on Chrome, try opening a different secure website. If the other website loads, it infers that your Internet connection is active. Before moving on to the next step, repair the connection.


Solution 3: Clear Cache & Cookies on Chrome

Once you clear your cache and cookies on Chrome, it will also clear some browsing data, and you will be logged out of most sites. This may also assist you in getting rid of the QuickBooks Online login issue in Chrome. Follow the below-illustrated directions:

  • On Chrome, hit the ‘ctrl + shift +delete’ keys together to bring up the ‘Clear Browsing Data window.’
  • From the ‘Time range selection,’ opt for the ‘All Time’
  • Choose ‘Cookies’ and other site data and ‘Cached pictures and files’
  • To conclude the procedure, hit on ‘Clear Data.

Solution 4: Reset Internet Security & Privacy Settings

If QuickBooks online is showing some errors on Chrome due to some erroneous Internet security settings, then you are required to rectify them by following the below-given steps.

  • Hit on the ‘Start’ button, followed by typing ‘Internet Options.’
  • Subsequently, double-click on Internet Options and proceed to the ‘Security’
  • Afterward, hit on ‘Internet’ and hover the slider to the ‘medium-high position.’
  • To culminate, hit on ‘Apply,’ followed by choosing the ‘OK’

Solution 5: Open the Incognito or Private window in Google Chrome

Try logging into your account in a private or incognito window if you’re having trouble logging into QuickBooks Online with Google Chrome. Your browsing history won’t be saved or appear in the browser’s history when you make use of the private window option. There are few easy steps that you need to do take in this context:

  • Launch the Google Chrome browser.
  • Hit the ‘Ctrl + Shift + N’ buttons together to launch the incognito.
  • You can alternatively hit on the three-dotted menu.
  • Subsequently, hit on the ‘New Incognito Window’
  • Once the private window opens, you can log into QB Online to see if it is successfully signing in without any error.

Solution 6: Include another user in Chrome Browser

Additionally, you can create a new user in Google Chrome and then attempt to sign into your QuickBooks Online account. Adopt the steps given below to follow up with the process:

  • You must choose the ‘users’ option from the additional options that are displayed after clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the Google Chrome window.
  • Choose the ‘Add Person’ option after hitting on ‘Manage People.’
  • You must first choose an icon before mentioning the user’s name. Subsequently, type the name of the user.
  • Next, choose ‘Create in order to add a new user’.
  • When a new user is created, it appears in the upper left corner of the Chrome window.
  • Quickly change to the new user, then try to access your QuickBooks Online account.

After trying all the steps enumerated in this piece of writing, we are hopeful that the login problems of QuickBooks online on Chrome must be rectified. For further assistance on the issue, you can contact our QuickBooks error support team via our helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787, and discuss your problems with our experts. We will leave no stone unturned in solving your QB-related issues.

Our team comprises committed professionals who work selflessly in making QuickBooks impeccable and error-free accounting software. All you need to do is give us a call on our helpline, or else reach out to us through the live chat option available on our website.

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