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How to Keep the Pests Away from Your House This Monsoon?

Every season has its negatives and positives. Similarly, the monsoon has its perks and challenges. Although it’s the season of rain it brings pests along with it. Yes, if you are thinking monsoon is only about rains then you are mistaken. The season may bring some unwanted pests and bugs like roaches, mosquitoes, earthworms, frogs, rodents, and moths to your home. If you don’t want to face lots of pest problems this monsoon season, then do a few things to keep them out of your house.

In this blog, we will know the best ways to keep all the monsoon pests out of your house. Yes, there are several ways through which you can prevent monsoon pest infestation and live a healthy and disease-free life in your house in this monsoon season. All you need to do is follow the following tips.

Monsoon Pest Control Tips To Keep Your House Pes-Free This Monsoon Season

We all know that the monsoon is a beautiful season of the year. But the wettest months of the year are not beautiful but can be challenging to all homeowners as it brings pests and bugs. So, here are the things you can do for monsoon pest control in Kolkata and keep your house free from every type of nasty and dangerous bug.

Remove Clutters

Even if there are no pests, clutter is not good for your house. Your house will look untidy and unpleasant to you if you will keep it full of clutters. Also, pests like rodents, lizards, cockroaches, and sometimes snake as well, hide behind the clutters of your house. So, do not allow them to live in your house. Remove all the clutters from your house. The piled boxes, stacks of broken furniture, and other things should be removed before the monsoon season knocks on the door.

Clear out stagnant water

We all know that stagnant water gives birth to unwanted pests and insects, especially mosquitoes. And, there’s no secret that mosquitoes are the world’s most dangerous insects. These tiny insects can make you fall sick causing some deadliest diseases like chikungunya, malaria, yellow fever, and dengue. And monsoon is the time when you unknowingly store water in your backyard or even on the roofs. So, you will have to look for these things that might collect or store rainwater because this will cause pest problems in your house. So, clear out the stagnant water and keep your house free from pests.

Keep your house clean

One of the best ways for pest control is to keep your house neat and clean. Pests like dirt and clutters, and they get attracted to messy places. An untidy house is a big invitation for all kinds of unwanted pests. And monsoon is the season when you will bring dirt to your house while coming back from the office or market. Even the kids will bring mud to the house through their shoes. This way you will bring pests to your house. Just after coming back to your home, you should mop the floors using some chemicals and cleaners. Disinfectants will keep your house pest-free. And make sure the floors get completely dry after mopping the floors.

Author Bio: Ruchi Maheshwari

Keep the wooden items dry

Not only rats, cockroaches, and mosquitoes, but also termites could be the monsoon pest in your house. Yes, termites do like damp woods and they have the potential to eat up an entire furniture piece if you will not take the necessary steps in time. Excess humidity will cause mold to grow on your wooden items. Hence, it’s really important to keep your expensive furniture pieces clean and dry in the monsoon season. To avoid the situation, ensure the floor is completely dry, and if not then use a towel to dry the surface. And, for the wooden items, you can keep them dry by keeping sometimes them outside under the sunlight.

Try pest sprays and coils

This has to be your option when nothing will work because the products that are meant for killing pests and insects contain hazardous chemicals that kills insects. The insecticides are available in the form of sprays, liquids, and powder. Use them if you want to keep these nasty pests out of your home. To keep the mosquitoes away from your house some coils and electronic mosquito repellent machines. These allow you to have good sleep at night.

Use window nets and meshes

During the monsoon season, mosquitoes start breeding in the stagnant water nearby your house. If your surroundings are not very neat and clean then you can protect yourself and your family members by covering the windows with nets. Install screens and meshes in your door and windows, this way you will not let mosquitoes and other flying insects enter your house.

Keep your bathroom clean and dry

Damp bathrooms are the best abode for cockroaches, earthworms, and other pests. Although earthworms are not that harmful yet you cannot allow them to live in your washroom. Also, it is imperative to keep your bathroom hygienic. Worms and cockroaches are creepy so keeping them away from your bathroom is always better. And monsoon is the season when these pests come to your house. So, keep your bathroom clean and dry to keep the pests away from your house.

In Conclusion

So, this is the best way to prevent your house from pests this monsoon. However, if the pests have already invaded your home and nothing is helping you, call the professionals. Pest control companies will help you get rid of monsoon pests.

Hiring the best pest control services near you will be the best way to get rid of pests and also diminish the chances of pest problems occurring soon. They use the best techniques and approaches to kill and remove pests from your house. Just share your problems with them and they will plan the best pest control plan to provide you with a pest-free environment in and around your home.

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