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How to increase Instagram likes?

How to increase Instagram likes? Instagram is the best and huge platform for business, brand, and personal popularity. There are so many famous personalities just because of Instagram. And it gives a chance to everyone to grow. But what do you need to grow on Instagram? Users like only two types of content 1st if you are a famous profile in the offline world and 2nd you have good content this sentence has been written keeping in mind the newcomers.  So let’s start with how to increase Instagram likes?


Your content is key to your likes hack. If you are giving good content so that means your audiences will like your post and also can share your video with others. So try to give good content to your audience. Because you are not a famous personality so people don’t know you. 


Use good and valuable hashtag which is related to your content. Don’t try to put so many hashtags in a single post it will kill your engagement. Keep research on hashtags don’t use the negative or banned hashtags on Instagram. Use the hashtag tool generator to find new hashtags.

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Share your content on other social media platforms and ask your audience to share it with their friends. Link your Instagram account with other platforms as well. So you can target other platforms’ audiences also. 

Tag users and location

Tag your location in the post and other users as well. And ask your friend to tag you in their post. And there is a chance that your post will be shown on your Instagram explore feed in that location. 


Analysis of your competitor’s post. See what types of hashtags they use, what is their motive, and what they are giving to the audience. And then compare your strategy with them and surely you will increase Instagram likes.

Consistency and timetable 

Keep consistent with your post. Users like those creators who give the best quality content on a regular based. And make a timetable with the help of your accounts insights. And keep your post in advance for the future.


Do collaborate with other creators and it will help you to reach more audiences. This method will increase the number of Instagram likes of both of you. 

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Write a good and healthy caption for your post so users could give more time to your post. And ask your friends to mention you in their post’s caption, story, and comment it will boost your engagement.

Story and Go live

Share your future post in your story. Use stories to showcase your future plans, events, and other activities. Ask your friend to go live with you. Give answers to queries. Maybe this will not help you to increase your Instagram likes. But you will gain more followers and engagement.


So these all are the solution for how to increase Instagram likes? If you will follow all the parts so you will get lots of likes. And always keep in your mind that Instagram changing its algorithm so make sure you are updated with all the policies, updates, and features. Keep sharing your content with the quality and demand, be consistent, and have a timetable. 


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