How To Identify Which Digital Marketing Agency In London Is Reliable!

There is no dearth of digital marketing agencies in our city. However, when it comes to identifying the best one among them, you might get overwhelmed. In this post, we’ll talk about how you can identify the most trustworthy, reliable and skilful digital marketing agency in London.

 Digital Marketing Agency Does Not Employ Jack of All Trades

When you assess a digital marketing agency, carefully examine the team. Does the agency have specialised teams for each kind of digital marketing work? If you find out that the people who do SEO work are the same guys who conduct social media marketing activities – then that’s a huge red flag. A reliable digital marketing agency knows that this is a vast field, and one section of this industry can be starkly different from another. Hence different kinds of digital marketing activities demand different kinds of strategies. One size does not fit all.

So, if a digital marketing agency in London has separate teams for separate sections of digital marketing, you can trust them. They will bring quality work to the table.

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Does the Agency of Your Choice Have a Proven Track Record?

Any Digital Marketing agency that calls itself ‘the best” or “top” must be able to show proof of previous work that they successfully completed. If the agency has done similar kinds of work that you require – that’s a cherry on top. Look for testimonials and case studies on its website. However, you don’t trust those testimonials immediately since many agencies publish fake ones. You must independently verify whether those testimonials are genuine or not.

A proven track record shows that the digital marketing agency in London knows what it does and can bring expertise to the table.

A Reliable Digital Marketing Agency Will Keep Their Communication Channels Open

If you are trying to assess the trustworthiness of a digital marketing agency, identify how easy it is to approach them. Do you communicate with the agency via Telegram alone? Does it have an official email id with its own domain? Are they comfortable with having Google Meet or Zoom meetings? Do they provide their phone numbers? The more approachable an agency is, the more reliable it is.

An Active LinkedIn Page Is a Sign of Reliability

You can identify whether a digital marketing agency takes its work seriously or not by examining the LinkedIn page of the company. If it has a fairly active LinkedIn page with all the information available to read, it is quite serious about what it is doing. In fact, if the key people in the agency are active on LinkedIn and have a strong profile, be assured that they are truly investing their time in the agency to serve customers efficiently.

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Examine the Website of the Agency

Examining the website of digital marketing agencies can tell you a lot about them. What is the language of the website content? Are there unacceptable grammatical mistakes? Does the website rank decently? And if you are searching for a web design company in London, you must examine how accessible and aesthetically beautiful the agency’s website is.

Also, see if the website has an About Us page detailing the agency’s history and displaying the profiles of digital marketers and writers working for the agency.

Ask Beforehand whether They Have Expertise in Running PPC Campaigns

Many digital marketing agencies focus solely on organic reach on Google and Social Media. However, digital marketing does not just have an organic reach. It includes paid ad campaigns, PR, video marketing, podcast marketing, and much more. If you want a reliable digital marketing agency, before starting to work with them, ask whether they have a Google Ads team, a PR team and a paid social media campaign team.

 Ask for References from Your Peers

Instead of finding and vetting Digital Marketing agencies, a simple way to start working with a reliable one is to ask for references from companies that operate in your domain and with whom you have a healthy relationship. Trust us, finding an agency all by yourself appears like gambling – your experience will be either good or bad, and you won’t know beforehand. Working with an agency that has already provided acceptable services to your peers is a thousand times better.

Ask For An Account Manager Who Is Experienced

Many big, reputed digital marketing and web design companies in London employ fresh college graduates to handle high-value accounts. Yes, it’s nothing wrong, and they need experience. However, the account manager should be someone who has at least 5 years of experience. Under the account manager’s guidance, fresh college graduates can work. That way, you can leverage the experience of the account manager. Otherwise, why should you spend money on a big agency?


It’s the online reputation of you or your company that’s at stake. You have every right to do your due diligence and be sceptical. Use these tips to find the best digital marketing agency in London. Good luck!

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