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If you want to give a personal touch to your new room, tapestries can be a great way to bring color to the walls. We can decorate the house with weed tapestry without damaging the walls.


 No one likes holes in walls and tapestry fabric. In such situations, applying your tapestry using a wall adhesive can be a good option. There are many wall adhesive tools and methods available in the market such as adhesive clips and sticky strips. Based on your requirement any of the following can be selected and worked with. All we have to do is stick the adhesive hook to our wall and then attach the tapestry to the adhesive hook.

In this way, we can decorate the tapestry without causing any damage to our wall. Hanging a tapestry using an adhesive hook may not be full-proof because it works best only if the tapestry you want to hang is light enough. Adhesive Hooks, in general, cannot withstand the full weight of a heavy tapestry for long periods of time. It is considered best to hang a large and heavyweight tapestry using heavy-duty hanging options like curtain rods, nails and pushpins, and much more.


With Velcro Strip we can securely secure our tapestry to our wall without any holes. Hanging a tapestry on the wall with the help of Velcro is considered a great solution in such situations. Using self-adhesive Velcro tape does not do any permanent damage to the wall if using it to attach a tapestry. Using this method, we can also prevent our delicate tapestry from getting any holes on its surface or fabric with a nail or push pin and it also does not cause any damage to the wall.


Making a canopy-style vision of a hanging tapestry into reality may seem like a dream. But it’s certainly easy to do. The end results of the Hanging Tapestry are worth seeing. The tapestry, when hung on a bare ceiling wall and/or sidewalls, creates a dream setting. If you’re looking for ways to divide up a dorm room or have limited sidewalk space wherever you’re living, this umbrella-style tapestry on bare walls comes in handy as a solid trick.

Is. Although horizontal tapestries also work for hanging canopy styles, vertical tapestries are the ideal tapestries for this method. For this, tapestries can be made by placing adhesive hooks on the wall of the bare ceiling. Once done, tuck the borders of the textile tapestry in. Also glue one corner of the adhesive fasteners or hooks to the fabric and the other side to the ceiling. To hang tapestry material in a fancy area, the pieces can be pressed together.


When we are looking for ways to hang our precious tapestry on our walls. One of the best ways to hang a tapestry on a bare wall can be using rope and cable to hang a tapestry. To do this, first, take a string of rolls and pass it through the top of the tapestry. You can use a needle or any other tool to allow the rope to pass through the tapestry more easily. Next, hang the material from nails or hooks on the wall. This way, there are no holes or more damage to the tapestry material and the job is done.

The cable system works in a similar way to hanging a tapestry. For this also a tapestry with a cable clip can hang it and there is a beautiful tapestry that gives a wonderful aesthetic vibe to your room. It can be hung without any damage.


If the tapestry is heavy, which is more common as well as if the tapestry material is premium or antique, some support will be needed to hang the tapestry on the wall. The best advice for hanging a tapestry in situations like this would be to forget about the wall.

The best way to hang a tapestry in your private or bedroom space can be with the help of a baseboard. For this, a baseboard or headboard which can be installed on top of your bed by asking a professional or do it yourself, Considered the best way to secure a piece of tapestry to the wall. When choosing a headboard, be sure to check its strength, dimensions, and whether or not it will fit in the tapestry’s rod pocket. First, drill holes in the places where the screws will be inserted. Slide the audible board rod into the pocket of the tapestry. Finally, wrap the edges of the tapestry material and screw the board to the bare wall.

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