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How To Fix Car Lock Door – Complete Professional Guide

Car doors assist you in keeping your car and its contents safe from theft. These operate by using either the automobile ignition key or a remote fob, allowing the owner to enter and exit the vehicle. However, upon closer inspection, the door handle was connected from the inside by a series of metal control rods. The metal rods connect to the inner door handle and the door latch that hold the automobile door closed. Similar to other car components, the car door may not open or close properly at times, necessitating knowledge of the steps for replacing car lock door.

How Do You Operate Your Car Door?

Your automobile door isn’t as straightforward as you would assume. Several mechanical pieces work together to guarantee that you can open and close your door. A typical automobile door has the following components:

  1. Handles for doors (both interior and exterior)
  2. Hinges for doors
  3. Door latches are small claws that release to allow the door to open and engage (close) to maintain the door closed while moving.
  4. An anchor works with one or more latches to unlock and secure your door.
  5. A doorknob

For example, mechanical or electrical components that interface with the vehicle’s electronics and allow you to utilize buttons to activate the door lock. Before you begin any repair procedures, familiarize yourself with these components. It will help you understand how to employ these strategies to the best of your ability. You may be able to discover a schematic of your car’s door in your owner’s handbook or by using internet resources from the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Steps For Replacing Car Lock door

Your automobile door is exposed to cold weather and gusts during normal functioning. Dirt and water can sometimes seep inside the lock, causing the tumbler to corrode. Furthermore, regular usage of the lock will drastically deteriorate its internal components. When this element fails, the door will close securely and not open.

In other words, the insertion of the key will wear out the essential tumbler, causing it to stop operating forever. You may go online for the best auto maintenance ideas to keep your vehicle functioning like new.

However, in terms of the automobile door, let us investigate how to repair an outdated door lock.

Close The Windows And Take The Window Handle Out:

To begin, make certain that the car window is completely closed. Furthermore, if you have a manual window handle, remove it. To remove the handle from the regulator shaft, use the screwdriver to unscrew it. Remember this since it is the first step in correctly changing the automobile door locks.

Thirteen Steps To Repair A Car Door Handle

You can easily fix car lock door by yourself. However, if you want to take professional help, immediately contact an Automotive locksmith in Elmwood Park


  1. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the handle.
  2. Take out the Manual Window Handle.
  3. Take off the door screws and the panel.
  4. Now, open the automobile door and look for the screws around the inner perimeter of the driver door panel. Using the screwdriver, remove the screws and look for the ones inside the armrest.
  5. Remove these screws, then look inside the armrest for the cover. Disengage the screws, as well as the speakers in the door. After that, unfastened two screws from within the armrest, taking care not to break any of the plastic clips that hold these sections to the door.
  6. Finally, pull the door panel away from the door with the screwdriver. Remove the door panel to examine the parts within the door. It has a moisture shield behind it.
  7. Remove the electrical connections as well as the old door lock.


Disconnect the electrical connections, door lock switches, and bottom light connection. Close the glass entirely to get a clear view of the rod running from the door lock to the latch. Finally, separate the door latch from the door lock rod using needle-nose pliers.

  1. Move the Rod Holder and the New Lock
  2. Lift and remove the C-spring clip with the pliers to release the door lock. Remove the lock from the front of the vehicle. Place the rod holder at the end of the lock you’re removing and replace it with the new lock. Ensure that the lock remains in the same position.
  3. Put the new door lock into the designated location of the door. Using the pliers, slide the C-spring lockdown over the top of the new lock. Assemble it securely and insert the door lock rod into the door latch.
  4. Finally, replace the plastic retainer clip in its original location.
  5. Lastly, restore the moisture shield and reinstall the door panel. Replace any armrest screws, covers, or door speakers removed before. To transfer the new car door lock, use pliers.

How To Repair A Car Door’s Electronics

Electronic problems aren’t restricted to your power windows or instrument panel; they might manifest in your door’s components. A short-circuit, for example, might prevent your locks from disengaging when the door is opened, leading the locks to remain engaged. The locks will then serve as physical barriers to the door.

Whether you believe this is the case, check your car’s fuses to determine if there is a short-circuit at work. Whether this is the case, you can repair the wire or fuses and test the electronic locking control to determine if the problem has been rectified.


When the car door does not open using the remote fob or the ignition key, the car lock door may need to be replaced. However, if you follow the easy steps outlined above, you will be able to replace the automobile lock with ease. Moreover, you can also install a keyless car door lock in your car to avoid all this mess. I hope this article has satisfied your query about how to fix a car lock door.

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