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How to Convert XLS to VCF Android ?

The Microsoft Excel application is well known, and many people are now working on it. The best programme for managing contacts, financial statements, calculations, data management, and converting XLS to VCF Android is this one.

Worksheets created with Microsoft Excel 97–2003 have the XLS file extension. The workbook is saved in the XLSX file format in more recent versions of MS Excel.

However, a lot of people have XLS files with important contact information in them. Additionally, they wish to sync their Android phone with those.xls contacts. They can therefore always have their contacts on their smartphone. The conversion from XLS to VCF is necessary for the same. since Android’s default contact format is vCard (or VCF)

Therefore, we will discuss how to convert XLS to VCF Android using a few simple approaches in this technical article. 

Method 1:- Manual Solution:-

The contacts that were saved in the XLS worksheet can be manually exported in the Android-compatible vCard format. However, it is not feasible to convert Excel to VCF Android directly, necessitating a number of steps. In order to use this strategy effectively, you must have enough time.

1: Save XLS in CSV format:- 

  • Open the Microsoft Excel program.
  • Open by selecting File.
  • Next, open the.xls file by selecting it from its location and converting it to a VCF file for Android.
  • Click File >> Save As when the file has been opened.
  • Choose CSV (Comma delimited) from the Save As window’s drop-down menu by clicking the Save As button. After that, tap Save to export the excel file to Android’s VCF format.
  • The moment you pick Save, a notification stating that “The selected file type does not accept workbooks that contain multiple sheets” appears on the screen. Simply press the OK button.
  • A new warning message that reads “xyz.xls may contain features that are not compatible with CSV” lights on the screen once more. Is this the format you wish to retain the workbook in? To save the.xls file in.csv format, select Yes.

2: Convert CSV to vCard Format:- 

  • In the Windows search box, enter “contacts,” and then click the resulting Contacts folder.
  • Open the Import to Windows Contacts pane by selecting Import from the menu once it has been launched.
  • To convert Excel to vCard Android, choose CSV (Comma Separated Values) from the list and press the Import button.
  • Open a new CSV Import Window, select Browse, and then enter the location of the.csv file you just created. Next, select Open >> Next.
  • After that, use the Change Mapping Window to map the fields, then click Finish.
  • Select every contact, then click Export.
  • Select the vCards (folder of.vcf files) option in the Export Windows Contacts window, then click the Export button.

3: Upload VCF Contacts to Android:-

The phone and the system can be connected using a USB cable. Then, upload the vCard files to your Android phone. Check your smartphone to see if the contacts are displayed or not after the file has been imported. To do this, go through these steps in order.

Reminder: Depending on the device, these instructions may change.

  • Select Menu from your Contacts by going there.
  • Decide on Import/Export Contacts.
  • Then, if you saved the VCF in internal storage and exported the.xls contacts to your phone address book, choose Import from Storage.

Method 2 :- Utilise Automatic Method:- 

We’ll use an External tool named Excel to VCF Converter from this point forward. This instrument is very dependable and efficient. After purchasing this, you may easily convert contacts without wasting any time or data.

Follow these steps:-

  • Install the MS Excel contacts to the VCF Converter program on your computer.
  • After that, you can select an XLS data file to add and preview its content.
  • The list of properties that match is then shown in the window.
  • Lastly, you can export an Excel contact list to a vCard.

Key features:- 

  • XLSM, XLT, XLSB, and XLTX Excel Files Converted to vCard Format
  • Software is compatible with Windows 10 and earlier versions
  • Excel Files with Rows and Columns Added and Previewed
  • Make a single vCard for each contact or a single VCF for all of your contacts.
  • Software is compatible with Windows 10 and earlier versions.
  • Export Every Contact in the Spreadsheet (Tested with More Than 40,000 Contacts).

A Conclusion :-

This article’s goal is to give readers comprehensive instructions on how to convert XLS to VCF Android. Go through this article once if you have an.xls file and want to convert it to vCard format; it will undoubtedly fix all your issues.

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