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How to Choose an OTG Oven? A Complete Guide

This buying guide will assist you in understanding the different functions and features of an oven toaster grill and how to choose an OTG oven. It is important to keep these things in mind when choosing the best OTG.

1. OTG’s capacity:

The first thing to know about how to choose an OTG oven is the capacity. OTG comes in a variety of capacities, from 15 litres up to 60 litres. Before purchasing an oven toaster grill, it is important to choose the right capacity.

  • Ideal for small families with 2 to 3 members: 15 to 20 litres OTG.
  • Up to 30 litres OTG are suitable for medium-sized families with 4 to 5 members.
  • You can also choose OTGs with a higher capacity (50-60 litres) if you have a large family or your job requires a larger capacity.
  • If you are looking for fast and efficient operation, as well as the ability to prepare many different foods, then the 60 litres OTG is a great choice.

You can choose different capacities OTG according to your work and family needs.

2. Consumption of power

OTG uses less power than a microwave oven. An OTG of 60 litres consumes almost 2000 watts. A small OTG, 15 litres up to 20 litres OTG, consumes nearly 1200 watts.

You can reduce your electricity bills by purchasing a smaller OTG. However, if you have a large family, it is better to buy a 60-litre oven toaster grill. The power consumption of a 60 liter OTG is 2000 watts.

3. OTG usage:

An OTG can do almost all the work of a microwave oven. Oven Toaster Grill is the full name of OTG. It can grill and toast foods, as the name implies. It can also be used to bake, reheat, and cook. An oven toaster grill can be used for almost every task.

Cook delicious foods, such as chicken and meat, paneer tikka or cakes, by using OTG. For baking cakes, professionals often prefer OTG to a microwave oven. OTG is an essential kitchen appliance for preparing delicious recipes and dishes.

4. Temperature Control

Nearly all oven toaster grills have a temperature control knob. You can adjust the temperature by using a temperature control knob. OTG usually has a temperature range of 100 to 250 degrees Celsius.

Temperature control is essential for cooking because different foods need different temperatures. You can adjust the temperature to meet your cooking needs by using the temperature control knob. If you want the best tempareture control, we suggest you read about the best iron for clothes in India.

5. OTG Accessories

You will receive accessories for your oven toaster grill free of charge when you buy it. Accessories such as skew rods and crumb trays, grilling plates, baking trays, and rotisserie attachments are necessary for different cooking applications. These accessories are essential for different cooking applications.

6. Budget:

OTG’s price is generally lower than that of a microwave oven. OTG comes in different capacities so prices will vary. If you have a limited budget, you can purchase a small-sized OTG oven. If you have a larger budget you can purchase an OTG of medium or large size.

7. Maintenance:

Appliances require proper maintenance every so often. The appliance will perform well if it is properly maintained. You must clean and maintain OTG at least once every six months. You can also increase the OTG’s lifespan by doing this. Cleaning and maintenance are crucial.

8. Warranty:

Before purchasing an OTG, it is important to have a warranty. You should consider buying an OTG that has a longer warranty. You can file a claim with the company if you have any issues during this warranty period. Always buy an appliance with a longer warranty. These were all essential considerations on how to choose an OTG oven.

These are the key features.

We will be describing the most common features found in all oven toaster grills. This will allow you to learn more about OTG.

Rotisserie: This feature is great for those who like non-vegetarian food. This motorized rotisserie can be used to grill chicken, chicken, and meat. You can also make paneer tikka or roasted chicken with this motorized rotisserie. This feature makes it easy to make restaurant-quality food at home.

Opti-temp technology: Food items must be heated evenly to ensure optimum browning. Opti-temp technology ensures uniform cooking and better crispiness.

Function selection switch: You can adjust the heating temperature to make other foods. You can adjust the temperature by pressing the button to cook different recipes.

Display: Nearly all OTGs come with a display screen. This displays important data such as temperature and remaining time. This screen allows you to monitor different parameters and make adjustments if necessary.

Keep your focus on the function: This function preserves the freshness and heats the food for up to 2 hours.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know how to choose an OTG oven, let’s clear some frequently asked questions that will help answer your queries about OTG ovens.

What is an OTG?

OTG can also be called Oven Toaster Grill. OTG can be used in a variety of cooking applications, such as baking, grilling, and toasting. Professional chefs will find the OTG useful. You can also use it at home.

OTG allows you to make delicious food such as pizza, chicken tikka, and grilled chicken. OTG is a must-have appliance for any professional chef or food lover.

Which OTG is best in India?

This article is based entirely on OTGs in India. We have listed the 8 best OTG ovens in India. These OTG ovens are some of the most efficient and popular OTGs in India. We have therefore shortlisted them.

We can tell you that the Morphy Richards and Inalsa oven toaster grills make some of the most excellent OTG ovens available in India.

Which OTG brands are best in India?

Many well-known brands offer OTGs that are durable and reliable. Morphy Richards and Inalsa are the top OTG brands in India.

You have a choice of purchasing an OTG oven from many different brands. You can also buy OTG from other brands. However, before you purchase OTG, make sure to check their reputation and the features they offer.

What is the average life expectancy of an OTG (Operating Time Growth)?

OTGs generally last between 8 and 10 years. However, you must maintain your OTG and clean it regularly. The OTG’s lifespan could increase by 12 years if you maintain it properly and clean it regularly.

It may not last as long if you neglect to clean and maintain it. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential.

How much power does an OTG oven consumes?

Power consumption depends on the OTG’s capacity. The range is 1200 watts up to 2000 watts. Larger OTGs use close to 2000 watts. This isn’t an important aspect, however, as the power consumption range is quite low. This means that all OTGs use more or less the exact same amount of power.

What type of utensils are safe to use in OTG

Utensils made with ceramic, glass, or metal are useful in an OTG. Remember to use gloves when cooking with metal utensils.

Use utensils made of plastic material only. It may melt during cooking and is not safe. We hope this guide helped you understanding how to choose an OTG oven.

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