How Australian Businesses Are Using SMS Marketing To Boost Their productivity?

Businesses in Australia spent their most necessary time thinking about processes too. Connect with their customers. After the pandemic years, businesses face more difficulty to reach their customers as they are more mobile-based. Thus connecting to the consumers on the phone is extremely crucial. That’s why businesses try to adopt new ways to connect to customers and explore and reach potential consumers.

About 3.8 billion people use smartphones across the earth and 95% of SMS are opened within 3 minutes. Open rates of SMS are up to 98% whereas email average open rate for about 18%.

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How are these trends important for local businesses?

The core reason for it is that it gives our customers a 1:1  connection that they desire in a way that’s better than an advertisement.

And in a place like Australia where SMS marketing reached an extent of 80% in 2021, the business must use it for better engagement.

According to Podium findings, it says that a huge majority of consumers like to connect to businesses via SMS. For businesses, the value of SMS marketing is incalculable as the rate of opening these messages is high.

However, very few businesses in Australia have taken up this method. According to a study, only 13% of local businesses are using SMS marketing and bulk SMS service.

Why is it necessary for local businesses to invest in bulk SMS?

The CTR of promotional messages has an average rate of 36% which is about eight times higher than the average level. A text message is a form of personal communication people tend to opt for only the business they are familiar with and highly engaged with.

In the present scenario, only 43% of Australian consumers are texting brands. This means there is plenty of room for other businesses to connect to their customers and build a deep connection with a larger audience.

Bulk SMS Marketing helps to build consumer relations

Whether it’s a newly launched business or any old business, one needs to connect to the consumers through various new ways.

Bulk SMS messages using SMS Gateway helps to improve consumer relations because the rate of being noticed and read is high. One of the biggest advantages is how quickly or often people around the world check their phones. SMS is the most therefore one of the best techniques for sharing updates, time-sensitive offers, notifications about limited products, etc.

For businesses that deal with perishable goods like Food, and beverages consumer-packaged goods SMS is highly useful to direct the attention of the consumers and increase sales via SMS and email marketing.

How to build an SMS strategy for a global consumer audience?

SMS differentiation comes from the type of business, one’s objective of sending the messages and also depends on the audience receiving it. For example, SMS updates for an audience who is young can be exciting. However, those who have taken an appointment for mental health counseling will receive a text that has a calmer tone.

Some suggestions can be used to test one’s audience.

  • Product promotion SMS- Consumers must be informed as early as possible about new product updates.
  • Exclusive sales- Announcements of new sales, offers, and discounts must be done via bulk SMS as they reach the consumers on one to one basis
  • Back-in-stock Notification- Consumers must get informed about the products that are back in stock. They are in most cases waiting for the products on their wishlist. An SMS giving such an update is likely to be seen and is this gonna be a sales booster?
  • Special events- If supposed businesses are hosting a webinar or joining some trade event the information must reach the consumers. This betters the consumer’s trust.
  • Post-purchase follow-ups- After-purchase updates regarding shipping and delivery updates must be sent to come as it gives consumers satisfaction and builds trust.
  • VIP plans and premium- Offers for VIP consumers must be given as it helps to build consumer loyalty. SMS text reminders for premium plans or VIP offers are likely to be accepted.

What does SMS compliance look like in Australia?

To ensure that businesses are following data privacy regulations compliance is necessary.

Spam Act 2003 and Spam Regulations 2021, which govern the sending of marketing SMS allows businesses to send messages to those consumers who have given their consent. Businesses must identify themselves clearly and must give the option to unsubscribe. The consumer must not feel insecure or spammed when businesses are trying to approach them via SMS marketing. Their experience should be a positive one. Therefore, SMS must be formulated in a way that helps draw consumers’ positive attention.

SMS marketing is legal in Australia and brands can easily join hands with the SMS service provider and use an SMS gateway for sending bulk SMS.

Cost of SMS marketing in Australia?

The coat depends on the number of people who have subscribed to one’s messaging service and the number of messages that are to be sent.

Sometimes per message cost is more than email. However when businesses maintain a list of their subscribers then ROI is far more than that of email. SMS marketing is far cheaper with higher ROI as compared to other marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The outcome of SMS marketing is far more than any other marketing method.

Start with SMS marketing in Australia

Businesses should start approaching their customers via SMS marketing. One of the best ways is to combine email with an SMS marketing program that elevates one’s business.


Businesses that abide by legal compliances and connect with their consumers on SMS are likely to increase their sales in the coming years.  In Australia this practice is not that prevalent; it gives a chance to the brands to take the first mover advantage.

This can lead to building consumer loyalty and thus give more organic engagement. Consumers do love to receive these messages as it gives them a sense of familiarity with the brands. Customers appreciate when businesses try to cater to their needs.

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