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Healthcare Social Media Marketing

A social media strategy is a good way for healthcare players to achieve certain marketing objectives. Their presence on social networks was rather discreet at first, but many are now adopting the codes of digital communication. Discover the reasons that push these professionals to move toward a healthcare social media marketing strategy.

How is a social media strategy useful for professionals?

With the current health context, it is now more essential than ever to start a conversation in the health community. Manufacturers and professionals in the sector must take advantage of the ease social networks provide to communicate and meet the audience. They must meet their community and animate it to develop their image and notoriety.

Social media allows marketers to promote content where exchanges are encouraged effectively. The interactions created thanks to the publications will generate Internet users’ engagement. Social networks are a very good way to promote the acquisition of new customers.

Back to the regulations

We remind you that health professionals and manufacturers are all subject to different regulations. Health professionals (doctors, physiotherapists, etc.) must be careful to remain by the ethics of their profession. This strict code of ethics prohibits them from promoting products or services. Social media health should rather serve them to exchange their ideas or make themselves known intelligently, without pouring into promotion.

However, there are exceptions, such as pharmacists who have recently obtained a relaxation of the legislation concerning Internet advertising for the sale of drugs online. Therefore, marketing these drugs without a prescription is authorized but remains very supervised.

A decree also aims to modify the ethical rules of several medical professions in the direction of greater freedom in communication. This new regulation could, in particular, impact medical biology professionals, who would benefit from a slightly more flexible regulatory and legal framework regarding advertising and communication.

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What are the best social networks for health communication?

To reach a professional target

LinkedIn is the professional network par excellence for developing B2B relationships and gaining visibility. Healthcare professionals and manufacturers can use LinkedIn to:

  • show your expertise in your field
  • develop your image
  • look for potential customers
  • do social selling

Remember that social selling is using social networks to develop sales by providing information on products or services.

To reach a wider audience

In this case, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are suitable social networks. But what is the point of communicating on these “more open” networks? This, for example, allows healthcare professionals to interact at any time with other professionals, patients, or the general public. They can thus pass messages about public health and share their scientific reflections. A healthcare social media marketing strategy also contributes to the circulation of quality information.

What are the best formats to use for a healthy social media strategy?

Posts that grab attention

For a successful social media strategy, retaining Internet users in your publications for as long as possible is essential. You need to find the message that will have the most impact and attract attention. You can also use the hashtags most followed by your community and the most engaging, or even include certain emojis. However, be sure to remain sober in your communication and, above all, by the medical community’s ethics.


This is the preferred format of Internet users. The explanation is simple: video is one of the easiest ways to consume information. Let’s take the example of a complex scientific subject: between a text or a video on the same subject, on the same page, an Internet user will prefer to watch the video.

Video will allow you to attract Internet users more easily than text. It will also make it possible to send a more easily understandable message to your community in a more interactive way.


Even if we don’t always notice it, infographics are an omnipresent format on our screens. So for a good social media strategy, it has become essential content.

What can infographics be used for in the context of health? First, it is a very good tool for making a synthesis on a given subject, on complex scientific issues. Second, this type of content is very useful for generating engagement and exchanges on social networks. Third, infographics are high-value-added content for summarizing a complex article into a relevant image that is easy to read and, therefore, to share.

Objective: to develop commitment

The notion of engagement in social media can be translated by the ability of Internet users to interact with you on social networks. You must use content such as videos or infographics, which are simple tools to develop Internet users’ engagement.

Many social networks have also developed an algorithm to classify publications. When you publish content, it will be analyzed, and its visibility will depend on a scoring system based on interactions. The higher this score, the more visibility your content will have.

In this context, we advise you to boost your publications by liking, commenting, or sharing as much as possible to succeed in your healthy social media strategy.

The interest in developing live content in health social media

As we have already mentioned, webinars are multiplying, especially in the impossibility of organizing a physical event. They allow companies to maintain a link with their customers and community. Direct social networks are also an alternative to overcome the lack of social ties because of our health situation.

Lives and explicit content have multiplied on social networks since the arrival of Covid-19. With the impossibility of meeting in real life, some influencers, for example, have managed to create real digital meeting places.

The advantages of “direct.”

The main advantage offered by this format is to make the exchange more liveIndeed, Internet users can interact directly with you. The objective is to establish proximity with them and that they are, therefore, interested in the content broadcast.

Their lives have also evolved in their operation. You now have the possibility of creating pre-recorded content but broadcasting as if it were life. The advantage here is to prepare its broadcast in advance so that no detail escapes you at present.

What use in the context of health?

The webinar is a very good tool for communicating with professionals and supporting them as best they can daily in their jobs, for example. The live function on the networks is also available if you want to send messages or practical advice to health professionals and the wider public.

Indeed, you can adopt a social media strategy aimed at informing patients to help them live better with their illness or even understand how to continue their treatment.

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