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Guide for True Copy Attestation

You might be unsure of what that signifies if true copy attestation for UAE has been request of you. This makes sense! People who have never had a document attested in the past likewise struggle to understand this strange idea. Do not worry. We have created a handbook that covers all the essential information about the attestation of UAE-certified authentic copies. Read on or visit Cheap Attestation services in Dubai.

What does Certified True Copy Attestation mean?

Let’s start by defining certified true copies. A certified true copy of a document is one that has been attested to by a public notary or attorney in Dubai as accurately representing the original. After verifying the copy of the document to the originals, public notaries will sign it. The copy will become a certified true copy as a result.

Document holders who don’t want to leave their original documents to the organizations they work for must obtain certified genuine copy attestation. The most typical documents that require attestation are passports and other forms of national identity.

To reduce fraud activities like document forgery, true copies must be attested to and certified. A notary public can verify the authenticity of document copies by comparing copies with the originals.

Attesting a passport’s true copy in the UAE

You can get true copy attestation of passports from the attestation specialists. The first step for the attestation of certified true copies of passports is making the copies. The majority of government agencies demand copies that public notaries make themselves. The passport copy will next be authenticated by a public notary, who will then present the authenticated passport copy to various government agencies for attestation. The certified passport copy must be attested by both the Ministry/Department of Foreign Affairs in the UAE and the UAE embassy of the nation that issued the passport.

Passport true copy attestation is available from professionals in the attestation. Making copies is the first stage in the attestation of certified true copies of passports. Most government organizations mandate that public notaries produce their own copies. A public notary will next authenticate the passport copy, after which it will be given to other government authorities for attestation. The UAE Ministry/Department of Foreign Affairs as well as the UAE embassy of the country that issued the passport must both certify the copy of the passport.

The following list includes additional sorts of papers that can undergo true copy attestation:

  • Academic documents;\sApplication forms;
  • Rental agreements;
  • utility invoices;
  • Photos;
  • a certificate of experience

In the United Arab Emirates, a notary public in Dubai, an attorney in the UAE, and other authorities that are the issuing departments can certify that personal documents are true copies. Legal professionals must stamp and attest to certain papers that are require by jurisdictions outside of the UAE.

A knowledgeable notary public who performs genuine copy attestation will have connections to experienced attorneys all around the world. In papers such as contracts and agreements, declarations, resolutions, affidavits, powers of attorney, letters, and application forms, the attorneys will serve as witnesses for the signatures.

How is a true copy attested in the United Arab Emirates?

This is a general outline of the procedures involved in performing a genuine copy attestation in the United Arab Emirates. Document to document can have different processes.

  • Step 1: Verify that the document you are using is original. Legal counsel or concerned authorities cannot produce certified copies of copies.
  • Step 2: Determine the type of true copy attestation needed. Who should handle it: a lawyer or the organization that issued the document?
  • Step 3: To make a copy of the document on white paper; avoid using colored paper.
  • Step 4: Submit the original document and a copy of it (depending on your requirements) to a lawyer, notary public, or other appropriate authority for the copy’s certification as a true copy.
  • Step 5: A lawyer, notary, or other relevant authority checks the original, stamps it, and signs the copy of it, marking that the original was confirmed and the copy was made from the origin.

The following documents may be witnessed by public notaries.

1. requests for residency visas;

2. the purchase or sale of real estate;

3. Business registration;

4. establishing a bank account;

5. presenting documents to local courts;

6. Immigration.

The majority of legal processes, particularly in the UAE, call for certified and authenticated copies of passports, green cards, and other comparable papers. For birth certificates, marriage certificates, and business papers, attested certified copies are typically also necessary.

Our team has partnered with different law firms in order to help with the certification and attestation of true copies of documents for use in the UAE. In order to save you time, we can take care of the true copy attestation for your document! Get in touch with Best Attestation Services in Dubai right away to schedule a consultation and document review with our team!

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