Easy Ways to Recover Lost Data From SSD (Solid State Drives)

Solid State Drive (SSD) is an abbreviation for a solid-state drive. It integrates non-volatile flash memory for data storage. It fulfills the function of a hard disc. The SSDs react promptly to user queries. And yet have improved security and abilities. A solid-state drive’s data can be removed or lost. So, what should you do if files are wiped from your SSD? And what should you avoid? Learn how to recover lost data from SSD by reading the complete article.

Deleted Files can be Retrieved from a Solid State Drive Using these Methods

After formatting an SSD, you can retrieve data manually or using automatic tools. Nevertheless, ensure the TRIM feature is turn off. Both strategies are describing below:

  • Data that has been Manually Deleted from a Solid State Drive can be Retrieved
  • Data Can Be Retrieved From Permanently Deleted SSDs

#1:- Without Software, Recover Lost Data From SSD

The Recycle Bin folder is where Windows OS stores delete data. As an outcome, you may simply retrieve all of your files and directories. The files that have been irreversibly deleted cannot be retrieved from the recycle bin folder. Follow the instructions below:

  • Firstly, launch the Recycle Bin folder
  • Select the deleted SSD files from the location you located
  • Right-click on the files you want to restore and select Restore
  • The files and directories you specified will now be deleted.
  • Return to the original place and examine the files that were accidentally eliminated

#2:- Using Software, You Can Retrieve Permanently Deleted Files From SSD

If indeed the files and data on the solid-state disc are permanently removed. Then you’ll need SSD Data Recovery Software from a specialist. The software can simply restore deleted, irrevocably erased, and formatted data. Install the software on Windows 10, 8, 7, or earlier versions by simply downloading it. Follow the instructions below:

  • Firstly, to begin, get the program and install it
  • Secondly, afterward, choose the partition where the data was destroyable.
  • Then, look through the lost files and choose the ones you need
  • Afterward, save the selected files and data or the entire system of retrieved deleted picture files.

How to Disable Solid State Drives (SSDs)

The TRIM function should turn off before using a solid-state disc. The entire procedure outline below:

  • Firstly, open CMD(Command Prompt) Admin
  • Secondly, type fsutilbehavior query disabledeletenotify > hit Enter
  • Lastly, type fsutilbehavior set disabledeletenotify 1 > hit Enter

A user’s request!

Query 1:- Hello, as a backup drive, I use a solid-state drive. At regular intervals, I do a thorough data backup. I have Windows 10 installed on Dell computers. I destroyed several data off of my external SSD by accident last night. Now I’m curious as to how I might restore erased data from an SSD. Thank you very much!

Query 2:- I recently acquired a new computer with a solid-state disc built in. On my computer, my kid was playing a game. I’m not sure what occurred. Three folders on the E drive have now vanished. Is it feasible to retrieve files that have entirely wipeable on a Windows 10 SSD?

Query 3:- I was eliminating superfluous data off of my external solid-state disc last night. I also cleared the recycle bin folder after removing files and directories. Now I’ve discovered that several crucial files have wipeable. Can someone assist me in retrieving erased information from a solid-state drive?

Query 4:-I’m wondering if data can retrieve from an SSD. Because I am unfamiliar with computer data recovery. I have an SSD PC and have lost files. Now I’m seeking a specialist to help me recover erased records from my solid-state drive.

Solution:- All of the inquiries are about recovering erased data from a solid-state disc. The above-mentioned remedy will undoubtedly benefit you.


In conclusion, files can erase temporarily or permanently. You can quickly retrieve deleted files. This article outlines both manual and automated solutions. Follow the instructions below to swiftly retrieve erased data from a solid-state drive.

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