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Finding some top money earning games in India? You should definitely play some to earn money in your free time now. There are so many now that you have a lot of options to choose from them. These games are so interesting and enthusiastic that it could be really super addictive for them. You can be having a lot of free time in a day which can be utilized to make a lot of money. You can go through this article to choose the app for playing some top money earning games in India. 


Yes, it is true that you can win and earn a lot of cash prizes from these apps. You can enjoy the games and earn money at the same point of time. Download these apps in your smart phone and register your account to start playing and earn a lot of cash prizes. There are so many games that you can follow up and create money with. 

There are some money earning gaming apps that you should see in this article and download in your smart phone to start earning money now. 


Dangal game is a platform for all the users who are really enthusiastic about playing online casual and top money earning games in India. There are so many games available on the platform like carom, ludo, 8-ball pool and fantasy sports as well. You can download the app on your phone and register your account to earn your first sign-up bonus in your wallet. 

Experience the instant withdrawal system and hassle-free transactions in your account. You can also earn with the referrals procedure and invite your friends to the app. 


There are so many players who are already engaged in the app and are winning huge cash amounts. There are 5,00,000 plus installs and has a 3.8 rating on the play store. There are so many card games available that also give a special chance to all the Rummy players. If you are a rummy fan you should definitely go with this app and earn huge cash rewards with it. 


It is an e-sports fantasy cricket app which is one best fantasy apps that you can download on your smartphone and have a good time with it. You can easily download it and register your account, making your team get some of the biggest awards in the biggest leagues. There are so many leagues and tournaments happening on a daily basis that you can play every day to enjoy and also win money prizes. It is that one app that comes on the list of best fantasy apps that you can have. 


Fantasy Dangal is one fantasy cricket app that comes in top money-earning games in India. You can download the app from the website of Fantasy Dangal to make your team and play any of the tournaments or leagues that you want. Just go with the best choice in captain and vice-captain so that you have the chance to gain extra points with these. You can also earn the first sign-up bonus with the app so that you can avail yourself in the game. 

Also, invite your friends and family to the app to win great bonus points with the referral and earn policy. 

  • 8 BALL POOL 

It comes in the top money-earning games in India. This one game is really popular among the gaming audience and people love to play it in their leisure time. This game is genuinely loved by the audience and has 4.5 ratings on the play store as well. This shows how many people love the game and are genuinely interested to play it more often. You can also download the app from the play store and have fun with it. You can engage in multiplayer tournaments to have more fun and fair game with all the other players as well. You can go through the rules as well if you don’t know how to play this game. 

  • LOCO

It is also a money-earning app that is loved by many people! It also has 4.1 ratings on the play store. Many people are already indulged in the game and there is a lot of prize money that comes to the player after winning. Download the app now to enjoy live quizzes whenever you want! Just don’t forget to sign-up so that you can get some more bonus points with it. There are so many quizzes in which you can participate and earn huge cash rewards. Having a fun time with all your friends and family is what you want in a gaming app. 

So, these are the top money-earning games in India that you can play and have fun with!

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