Different Features Of Visual Studio Code!

If you’re a professional web developer or just beginning with speedier workflows can be amazing. We’ll go into the process of setting up the best workflow using Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code comes with lots of amazing tools built-in but throws to the huge (and expanding) number of extensions available. And you’ll have many options to personalize your experience.

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Although this is among VS Code’s main strengths. It could become overwhelming, particularly for those who are new to the program. This article will help make it easier to discern the clutter. In this article, I’ll explain the most effective strategies that I employ daily to perform my work as fast and efficiently as is possible.

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Emmet Abbreviations

These handy shortcuts are integrated in VS Code, and they allow you to write HTML (and CSS) significantly quicker.

Making Your HTML File

If you type HTML into any of your files, you’ll see an array of choices to fill in the basic information required to create your file. You can navigate through the options by using the upward and downward arrows. Then use the button to open the shortcut and you’ll get something similar to this.

The Integrated CLI (Command Line Interface)

To avoid switching from one window to another, VS Code offers an integrated terminal or CLI. Simply use CNTRL +’or CMD +’to start it and then press the same command in order to shut it down. It will open automatically in the directory that you opened within VS Code, which saves the navigation steps needed for operation using a normal terminal.

This allows you to set up NPM as well as Yarn dependencies as well as transfer files over to Git and transfer files to Githubin addition to anything else you may want to do using your command line!


ESLint is an effective and widely used linting program, that can help you find mistakes in your code and correct it as you write, and helps you adhere to the most common best practices. It’s also a fantastic learning tool since researching ESLint mistakes has helped me learn many good techniques I had never heard of before, and helped me understand why these are the best methods.

You can include it in a node package for each project or you can make use of the ESLint extension inside VS Code. This second option is simple and simple and doesn’t hinder you from creating specific ESLint configurations to specific projects in the future. Find your ESLint plug-in (the one developed by Dirk Baeumer) and install it.


Prettier is a code-formatter that has a strong opinion. It recommends a particular formatting style that is the right one, however, its popularity has made its rules part of a well-established standard that is applicable to JavaScript, CSS, and an increasing number of other languages.

There’s some possibility of overlap in Prettier and ESLint. However, ultimately, ESLint is focused on identifying mistakes, while Prettier concentrates on fixing formatting. They are excellent partners and are integrated to make the process as seamless as is possible.

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Multi-Cursor Shortcuts

The capability to edit using multiple cursors is an enormous time-saver. Making the most of this requires memorizing a few functions, however, these will soon become automatic.

The Basics

To add new cursors manually you need to hold Alt or Option, and then select the location you wish to add for a new cursor. You can switch back to only one pointer by pressing Escape. With these two buttons, you will cut down on time. There’s even more!

Text Wrap

There aren’t many situations that I’d rather my text to be able to slide off the screen, requiring me to utilize the unpopular horizontal scroll. To turn wrapping on or off per file you just need to press the keys ALT + Z .

If you’re like me and always want to switch text-wrapping off then you can make it the default. Within settings.json you can simply copy and paste the following code then your message will be wrapped as default:

Execute and Debugg JavaScript

Quokka is a no-cost tool that lets you know the state of your JavaScript in real-time. It’s described as an “live scratchpad” it also offers an instant visual tool to verify whether your code is doing exactly what it’s supposed.

Once the application has been installed Press CNTRL + K Q or CMD + Q, K to begin (or start) Quokka in the previously installed JavaScript file.

Code Runner

If these options sound to be a bit complicated and you’d like a simpler method to run files or code snippets.  I suggest that you use the Code Runner extension by Jun Han. It supports a wide range of languages. With just a few commands ( CTRL + Alt + n or CMD + option + n). You’ll be able to an result of the program on the lower right on the display. For JavaScript it’s like having a browser console built with VS Code.


The options described here are beneficial to any web development setup I hope that they’ve helped you to make the most of your VS Code workflow as fast as it can be in the case that you’re brand unfamiliar with VS Code, get a solid setup from the beginning.

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