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The graphic charter of a website is the set of symbols and rules that define the graphic identity of a website. By extension, the expression graphic charter is often used to refer to the entire visual identity of a website. The objective of a graphic charter is twofold. On the one hand, it is a question of having graphic consistency whatever the page of the website, and whatever the communication medium used, to reinforce the brand image and, on the other hand, of facilitating navigation and reading through the use of constant visual cues. You can get in touch with Graphic Designing Agency in London

The elements of the graphic charter of a website

The graphic charter of a website must be a variation of the general graphic charter of the company. Some elements, such as banners or buttons, are specific to the graphic charter of the website, but most of the elements are common to the general graphic charter.

Here is the list of the main elements of the graphic charter of a website.


To have a strong visual identity, you will have to choose a palette of colors associated with your brand, thus ensuring the creation of a universe that quickly stands out visually. It also contributes to the memorization and recognition of your company by the general public.

Colors can be referenced via RGB, Hexadecimal or HTML color code. CMYK or Pantone references are generally specified in the case of a paper version, but which therefore does not concern the graphic charter of the website. Generally, it is advisable not to exceed two main colors in your palette.


Typography is everywhere: in the books we read, on the websites we visit, and even in everyday life on road signs or product packaging. It plays a crucial role in the success of a graphic charter, and some brands are identifiable only thanks to their topography!

This is why choosing an appropriate typeface for the use of text and the corporate message is an important step in any design project. A typeface can be with or without serif (the small tabs that are at the ends of the letters).

The typography of your graphic charter includes the font chosen.  The font of this font (thin or thicker), its size as well as the colors for each level of title. In the same way as for the colors, it is generally advisable not to exceed 2 fonts, one for the body of the text and another for the titles.


The logo is essential for your visual identity, it represents your brand strategy. At first sight, it must attract attention, and constitute a strong first impression. Distinguishing you from the competition. A successful logo promotes brand loyalty.

It is also an easily memorizable element. By its aesthetic aspect. Ideally, you want people to instantly associate your logo with what your business does and, more importantly, how they feel about it.

The logo must be available on all types of communication media that can be used by the company. In all variants of the logotype: on a white and black background, on a transparent background, in black and white, with color references and different sizes.


All graphic elements associated with your brand. Such as icon or emoji, must be harmonized and follow the same guideline.  It is generally advisable to use icons from a complete set in order to have graphic consistency between all the icons .


Finally, the buttons are one of the particularities of the graphic charter of the website. Since they do not exist in paper version. More than just a storefront. They are essential design elements that help tell a story about your brand and guide visitors to your products or services.

Two or three versions of the button are generally useful. A simple text button, a text button + icon, or even a specific button for the call-to-action on the home page.

We could extend the list very easily. Many web agencies include in the design of the initial graphic charter elements. Such as the text field, the checkboxes, the drop-down list, the pop-up window, the standard error message, etc. The idea is to integrate into the graphic charter all the elements common to several pages. This facilitates the subsequent work of the graphic designers and reinforces the visual identity of the website.


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