Can anybody clear the IAS? What is the best suggestion and how can one prepare to clear the IAS?

It operates at four different places across India. BEST IAS Coaching in Delhi This is a tale of a boy who was in a remote region of Bihar. He was able to pass the EDEN IAS test started taking classes at the school.

He spent the majority part of his free time working in the JMI library. Because food and accommodations are provided for free to EDEN IAS, students managed to stay there.

After he passed the mains exam and was told to wear formal attire to go to a mock interview.

In this test, the candidate was dressed in a sleeper and an old white shirt.

The panel asked him why he was wearing it to their shock they found that he did not possess enough cash to purchase shoes and a shirt. He explained to them his financial situation at the time.

Interview panel members contributed funds and then donated the money to him to purchase shoes and clothing.

He passed the UPSC Civil Services Examination in the third attempt.

This was his third time and he’s cleared the mains two times before self-preparation. Therefore, anyone can pass IAS.

All it takes is determination, a proper plan as well as time management, and a consistent approach. There is no limit to your potential but you aren’t there yet. Challenge yourself to become the person you’re destined to become.

To become extraordinary, you require extraordinary effort.

The primary requirement is to establish the goal you want to achieve and the way you plan to reach it.

Review previous year’s question papers and choose your preferred from the beginning. Begin to prepare now.

Learn all the syllabus for NCERT 9th-12th, based on the subject and the extent of your expertise. Read standard books after covering NCERT. Follow the UPSC syllabus only.


IAS candidates don’t follow a schedule. They are thinking about it constantly even in their fantasies. It’s never too early, and it’s never too late to begin getting ready for CSE.

Schedule and timetable in your life are very important.

when you are preparing for the exam, it’s not the case that you are working all day and getting it right. Many work for a few hours and receive success.

Some individuals work for a long time but do not achieve success. However, some people can continue their work and others who put in the full effort and pass the test.

Therefore, reviewing hours is not going to be a factor or a calculation.


The first step is to start by reading from day to day and gain an understanding of aspects that are part of your background.

It doesn’t take long, but subjects that are brand new and are not in your field will require lots of time, so this will vary between people. Allot each day one hour for the current events.

Then when you have time, you can split into two types, one that you can read only one subject at a time, for example, you’re reading polity, then you should only read polity, and for mathematics, take your time with mathematics only.

The second kind of reading is like you can read various subjects over either one or two hours such as if you devote an hour for one subject, then one hour to the next subject.


The time you set is dependent on your ability to think because each person has different capacities and distinct options. However, when you’re studying do not spend too much time.

Generally, the psychological law is that one can’t retain more than 45 min at a time.

Take five to ten minutes breaks. You could also nap in the afternoon to ensure that the concentration level of your brain is the highest, so only read what you can comprehend and remember.

Start preparing now to learn about geography and history from NCRET, GCRET Books are the best source, to begin with. They are the basic books.

Additionally, you can try studying a variety of reference books like those by Bipin Chandra as well as many other authors which you can refer to.

You may also use art and culture from a variety of sources, including class materials, and also as far as a consent map read needs to be solid.

In addition, you can work on questions from the past, and your exam will be completed extremely nicely. The best books to read for UPSC Civil Services Modern Indian History, Environmental Studies, Indian Polity, Indian and World Geography, Oxford Student Atlas, Indian Economy these books can be read as general studies.

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For CSAT you can take a look at Quantitative Aptitude. Verbal and nonverbal reasoning and English are easy.

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