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Brother SE400 Embroidery Sewing Machine review

Brother not only stuffed with a plethora of fun stitches presser feet, embroidery patterns to attract sewers to the SE400. They used the latest sewing technologies to provide good performance, simple setup as well as fewer thread or jamming problems:

  • Horizontal top thread delivery
  • Quick-Set drop-in bobbin
  • 7-point feed-dog system
  • Drop feed-dog lever
  • Automated needle threader
  • Automatic bobbin winding system
  • The upper thread and the bobbin sensors let you know when the thread is damaged or has run out

Control the speed and stop, start, and the needle by the press of the button.

There are also features that simplify sewing regardless of what degree of sewing experience you possess:

  • Thread cutter for the push button
  • The Needle Down/Up button
  • Start/Stop button for sewing
  • A Speed Control Slider – The specific speed slider has two functions. 

The machine’s settings are pre-set for all functions; there are dials to alter settings that are required for more intricate tasks. This is a function that gets more crucial as you get better at learning to sew:

  • Top thread tension adjustable
  • 15 needle positions

These needles could include identical colour thread or two thread colours. But you want a machine that can perform all the things then read: brother 1034 serger.

The maximum speed of speed is 710 SPM (stitches every minute) and comes with an adjustable extension table to permit the use of a free arm, a built-in handle for carrying and a working light.

To quilt free-motion lower the feed-dogs, then join the quilting foot or the open-toe presser foot.

Brother SE400 Computerized LCD Control Panel

Brother SE400 Computerized LCD Control Panel

It is where the action occurs in this LCD Control Panel. It’s an LCD touch screen that measures 38mm by 71.5mm (1.5 inches and 2.8 inches) that you can operate by using either your fingers or the touch pen included (stylus ).

The entire selection of stitches and settings can be controlled via the panel. Browse through the icons for stitch patterns to locate the one you’re looking for. Press it, and you’ll be presented with the options and settings for the stitch you’re looking for.

The Control panel will guide you through every step of step.

You can also save specific stitches in the machine’s memory so that you can quickly go back to the exact stitch pattern for an individual project.

A help button that appears on the screen allows rapid access to images and directions for threading winding bobbins load, bobbin loading presser foot adjustments, and more. Also, read Janome 15822 Sewing Machine Review.

Brother SE400 Video

This is the closest you will ever be to experiencing the Brother SE400 on video. This is actually a video by HSN showing how to use the Brother HE 240 embroidery machine that is identical to SE350 and the Brother SE 400 but with an exclusive model number to HSN.

This video will provide you with the details you’d like to be aware of accessories as well as stitches and capabilities. There are examples of the stitch’s proportions and also more details in the embroidery patterns. Particularly useful is the explanation of how the machine functions in conjunction with computers via the USB port.

This Brother SE400 is just an incredible machine that comes with a variety of options for under $400. It’s certainly one of the most affordable deals that you can get on the market for a sewing and embroidery machine.

Embroidery Functionality


The machine for embroidery requires that you take off the extension table and then move the embroidery unit onto the machine. After that, place your fabric inside the frame for embroidery and make sure that the correct needle thread, needle, and presser foot are in the right place.

The control panel guides you through the colour changes to threads and keeps you updated on the progress of the design. All you have to do is select the appropriate colour thread and hit the “start” button for every step. There is no need to make use of pressing the foot. The machine will do everything.

The size of the design hoop of the Brother SE 400 is 4×4.

If you were to create a single, linked design for a 12-by 12 inches pillow, for example, then you would not be able to do it with the size of a 4×4 hoop.

You could only create block designs. For the biggest possible embroidery size, we’re speaking about models that are priced at a minimum of $1000.

A slot for an embroidery card located on the back of the machine can accept digital design cards that are available through the internet or at a range of retail outlets, meaning you can stitch designs that aren’t part of the machine. Also, read: brother 1034 serger

They’re not exactly identical; however, they come with many different images incorporated into each card.

They can hold a number of brand-new patterns. Be sure to make use of only embroidery cards that work with the SE400 frame size of the sewing machine, which is a 4×4 size design space.

The Brother SE400 needs SA156 as well as SFB (XA5539-151) Bobbins.

Weight: 20 pounds (est. ) 

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