Best Popular Treks in Himalayas


India’s one of the best features blessed by nature. But The Great Himalayas is the most special gift given to India’s Environment. The Himalayas have a great environment, views, topography, various Flora and Fauna, snowy mountains, and many more various things which surprise humankind every other day.  The population of these areas is also well trained for every single atmospheric change or weather due to the Himalayas. And also the culture and handcraft market of the place attract many people from the world as most things are handmade and beautiful.

The area which comes under the Himalayas mountainous regions has beautiful and various different treks throughout the northern part of India. All the treks have beautiful views, snowy mountains, open valleys, and many more things which attract many trekkers from all over the world and also the people who called themselves adventure seekers. The treks of the Himalayas have various treks which have different types of difficulty levels. For the younger generation, it’s best to have their 1st trek experience in the atmosphere of the Himalayas which makes them more excited about the trekking adventure.  There are many treks that are specially designed for beginners and do not require tough body strength. And also some treks which can be done in summer and spring season also. All the treks have various types of flora and fauna, and also some treks can be done with children of a certain age.

Some Of The Popular Treks In The Himalayas

Here are some of the best treks found in the Himalayan regions.

Brahmatal Trek

The Brahmatal trek is located in Uttrakhand, India. It totally takes 6 days to complete the whole trek and the maximum altitude of the trail can go up to 12,250ft. This trek covers a new set of mountains like Mt Neelkanth, Mt Hathi Ghoda, Mt Chaukhamba, Mt Nanda Ghunti, and many more. The best time to do this trek is from September to April. The difficulty level of the trek can go from Easy to Moderate. Many people also travel solo and during the month of December to February the area receives heavy snowfall. The trek is liked by many young people and they visit with their friends.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

The Dayara Bugyal trek is also located in the Uttarakhand state of India. The Dayara Bugyal trek is an easy to moderate type of trek and usually takes 6 days to complete and has the maximum altitude of the trail is 11,827ft. The best time to explore this trek is in the months of September to June. This trek has all the great features of the Himalayas like forest trail, superb campsites, olden villages, great high points, snowy mountains, beautiful meadows regions, and also the best alpine meadows and various things which makes the trek more adventurous. Most of the trail is covered with a thick blanket of snow which makes the trek great and cold.

Gadara Bugyal Trek

Gadara Bugyal trek is moderate to difficult type of trek and it is located in Uttarakhand, India. It totally takes 7 days to complete this trek and the maximum altitude can go up to 13,900ft. The best time to visit this trek is from Late June and September. This is an ancient and old type of trek and has the highest altitude meadows.  This trek also has a beautiful ridge walk which is not very popular or has in other treks. The campsites of this trek are very beautiful and also in the trail there are grasslands of Gadara regions and also has many great forest sessions. And is very famous among the old and experienced trekkers. Many young trekkers feel good after trekking here.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The Annapurna Base Camp is located in Nepal and usually takes 10days to complete the whole trek. This trek is moderate to the difficult type of trek. The maximum altitude of the trail can go up to 13,550ft. The best time to do this trek is April and October. The whole trail is 70 km and has amazing views all around. The Annapurna Massif is counted as the world’s tenth highest peak. The trek is covered with the best and most beautiful snowy mountains. This is one of the most famous treks in the world as it covers many great parts of the Himalayas. The trekkers who love the snowy atmosphere, it’s the best place to visit.

Roopkund Trek

Roopkund Trek is located in the Uttrakhand state of India. The whole trek is 53kms and takes 8 days to complete the whole trek. The maximum altitude of the trail is 15,696ft and is moderate to the difficult type of trek. It is one of the major attractive spotted treks. During the trial, there are many hidden gems of the Chamoli District which also include Trishul Massif lake or also the Mystery lake. The lake is very famous as it has more than 5 hundred real human skeletons which historians say belong to the Palaeothlic age of India. Some reporters say that it’s of a 12th or 15th-century warrior who fought in an earlier period of time.


There are many different wonders created by the Great Himalayas of India which leads to some awesome and adventurous treks all over the region. Which gives trekkers a chance to explore the hidden gems created by Himalayas.

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