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7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Film Making Courses

Popularity, glamour, and money of people in the film, television, or entertainment industry have been encouraging youths or even children to dream of a career in it. Dreaming is good. And when it comes to making your dream of being an actor, actress, writer, producer, or director, you start looking for educational institutes offering respective courses. 

And in your search, you can come across numerous film making schools in Mumbai or other cities across the globe. And the availability of so many options makes you confused to find the right school for the perfect film making courses for you. Here are some useful steps for your assistance:

  1. Know the available filmmaking courses

In the contemporary world, acting schools or film & television institutes offer several courses in fine, performing, and visual arts. They offer these courses from certificate to master (post graduate) or doctorate levels. 

A certificate course in filmmaking can help you know the basic knowledge of making short films and allow you to have a quick entry into the film, television, or entertainment industry. For better understanding and career, a bachelor or graduate degree course in filmmaking is good. As per your need and choice, you can decide on a filmmaking course and an institute offering it.   

  1. Explore the faculty members 

Making a film involves several jobs that are scriptwriting, conceptualisation of story, direction, sound recording, shooting, lighting, production controlling, editing, and screening. As a producer, director, or filmmaker, you should have an idea about the entire process involved in it. 

You can have this when you have good trainers. So, before choosing a filmmaking course and getting enrolled into an institute for it, you must know who will teach or guide you. Further, you should know whether they are still working in the film industry or not. 

  1. Find out the reputation of an acting or filmmaking school

Reputation of a drama/acting school or film & television institute matters. The institutes with higher reputation try their best to mould their students in the requisite aspects of filmmaking. They do it to save their earned reputation in the film industry as well as the education industry. At such a school, you will get the best instructions and training to have the requisite set of skills.  

  1. Enquire about student teacher ratio 

Knowing the ratio of teachers to students is critical for you. It is as a filmmaking institute with a poor teacher and student ratio will limit you to get your queries solved promptly. You might have no direct contact with your trainers due to a lot of students in a class. While an institute with a good teacher and student ratio focuses on each student and helps at each stage during the course.    

  1. Value fee structures and payment modes 

In general, studying at an acting/drama school or film institute is expensive. Some of you find difficulties in paying the total fees at a time. Therefore, it is crucial for you to know the fee structure and payment methods. You should also know whether there is a facility to pay the fees in instalments or not. In today’s world, institutes have flexible fee collection policies. However, you should explore it before moving ahead.     

  1. Know the available facilities 

Making a film requires more practical knowledge rather than theoretical one. And for practical instructions, you must have all the requisite facilities such as camera, lights, and editing tools. Before you join a film institute, you should know whether it has a studio with the requisite facilities and tools & equipment for outdoor shooting or not. If not, move to another school or institute with all the requisite facilities. 

  1. Enquire about placement support 

Aspiring actors, producers, or directors do not have to struggle a lot to get a requisite job in a film production house. However, in initial days, an actor or filmmaker has to face several challenges in finding a job due to throat cut competitions in the film industry. Placement support can help you get an entry. And after that, you can make your career brighter with your knowledge, skills, talents, and earned experience.     


Finding the perfect school and filmmaking course is a little tricky job. You can do it easily by knowing the available courses, fee structure & payment modes, faculty members, and teacher & student ratio. Further, you should know reputation, available facilities, and placement support. With the support of your film institute and your effort, you will have a brighter career in the film industry.

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