5 tips for you to install your kitchen sink!

5 tips for you to install your kitchen sink!

1st Step:

Before starting it is important to have a base on how to install it, so read the manual. If you are replacing an old sink.  It is necessary to make a pencil mark to have a parameter when installing your new furniture. Remove all objects from the cabinet and disconnect electrical accessories. Soon after, with the aid of a wrench or pliers, release the piece that holds the tube connected to the sink drain. For Drain Pipe Installation in Lubbock Texas Consult Here

Even when the part is loose, avoid pulling it all at once. Because it is important to loosen the nut on the opposite side of the hydraulic siphon. Then, with the help of a utility knife or knife, cut the sealant applied to fix the sink to the countertop. If you want to reuse it. Be careful not to cut the surface. Then push the sink from bottom to top to disengage. Make sure the water outlet is closed and remove the old siphon, clean the place where the change will be made with a damp cloth.

Prepare the Tools:

2nd step:

Fit the new sink in the desired location and see if the measurements are in agreement, if everything is right, we can move on to the next step.

3rd step:

In this step, the faucet and the siphon will be installed, so it is essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions so that the installation is done correctly.

In the first moment, it is necessary to pass the thread sealing tape at the outlet of the drain valve (sink outlet). To avoid leakage problems, more than seven turns of tape will be required. Here are some Cool Tips about Plumber

Measuring the distance from the siphon to the wall helps in the installation, the tip is to use a measuring tape or compare the measurement of the old siphon with the new one. If you need to adjust the size, make a mark on the siphon and cut with the saw. The same can happen with the diameter of the siphon, it can be corrected with the use of an adapter. Replace the siphon, placing the tube facing the wall. Screw the other end of the siphon onto the drain valve and tighten with pliers.

4th step

After all this process, it is time to apply the sealant to the underside of the sink, and quickly fit it into the hole, squeezing the clamps so that the sink is firm. It is natural for the excess sealant to stand out, and for finishing it is important to clean it with a damp cloth. Let the product dry for a few hours, as indicated by the manufacturer.

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Did you learn how to install your kitchen sink? It’s not easy at all, so we recommend that you hire a professional specialized. in these services, or you could damage your kitchen’s plumbing fixtures. You Can Consult a Nearby Plumber in Your Area to know more about the work done.

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