5 Successful Facebook Pages

5 Successful Facebook Pages

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  1. My Loire Valley

  2. UPS

  3. Walmart

  4. Nikon

  5. Unbelievable Whitetails


It’s never a terrible opportunity to reexamine your social advertising procedure. What works, what doesn’t. How you can help out less.


Be that as it may, you can, unfortunately, gain a limited amount from your own page or profile.


Fortunately, there are a lot of brands in the space to study. They might even be your rivals. The uplifting news is they’ve previously run tests for you – simply check out their exhibition measurements. A social administration instrument like Socialfollowerspro will deal with it for you.


However, we’ll save you the work today. Throughout the most recent year, we’ve expounded on 5 effective Facebook pages that did very well in an assortment of ways, and in this post, you’ll figure out why – so you can have a similar achievement.


  1. My Loire Valley

Facebook showcasing functions admirably in the movement business and seeing why’s not hard. All things considered, that is the place where your companions post their get-away photographs, which is a sort of advertising all by itself. It makes you need to take an occasion as well.


My Loire Valley page, committed to the Loire Valley locale of France, is doing great. Up until recently, it had in excess of 24,000 fans.


Significantly more amazing, those fans have a commitment pace of 370.5%. Furthermore, My Loire Valley didn’t need to spend a dime to get that.


How could they make it happen?


Sharing fan client-created content.

Requesting fan input while posting refreshes.

Sharing updates in light of neighborhood ongoing occasions.

Advertising the valley’s magnificence through key attractions and sights.

Allowing fans to check and leave surveys.


My Loire Valley UGC Post

My Loire Valley features a portion of the photos its fans take, which drives commitment.


  1. UPS

Posts that summon compelling inclination frequently do quite well. They might become famous online.


UPS enjoys taking full benefit of that by displaying a couple of accounts of its drivers acting in unprecedented courageous ways.


By and large, UPS Facebook posts are high-performing, with normal commitment in the triple digits, and some, similar to this one underneath appreciate sensational commitment altogether higher than whatever else.


Fortunately, composing these posts is not hard. They simply have:


A short prologue to the driver.

The primary concerns of the gallant story.

A source of inspiration to praise the story.

A photograph of the driver in uniform by a UPS truck.


ups facebook

UPS scores with both commitment and positive brand feeling.


  1. Walmart

Walmart holds the best position on the Fortune 500 rundown. We anticipate that they should do well in a wide range of promoting, Facebook notwithstanding.


Yet, it’s important that they got almost 16,000 remarks on a solitary post and it didn’t cost them a penny.


It was for a send-off party occasion for a forthcoming computer game, Battlefield

Here’s the reason it worked:


Picked a subject many individuals are enthusiastic about.

Asked their fans for their viewpoint.

Straightforwardly took an interest in the discussion.

They kept the inquiry easy to energize criticism.


Walmart facebook

This post cost Walmart only conveyed an unimaginable return.


  1. Nikon

Albeit not the enormous brand Walmart is, Nikon is as yet a key part.


Furthermore, it’s a decent one to investigate attracting more fans. Since they’re getting 1,400 new ones consistently.


The mystery? Client-produced content. Nikon’s methodology incorporates:


Building “My Nikon World” – a Facebook application for their fans.

Highlighting their fans in their cover photographs.

Making and presenting difficulties to their fans.

Sending off photograph challenges that accompany an award.


Clearly, it’s having an effect. Their opponents – like Canon and Olympus – just have fans in the many thousands while Nikon has them in the large numbers.


Nikon’s Facebook application is a selective advantage for their fans, which gets more.

Nikon’s Facebook application is a selective advantage for their fans, which gets more.


  1. Unbelievable Whitetails

Unbelievable Whitetails is a very specialty brand. It markets hunting items to white-tail dear trackers.


What’s more, similar to all organizations that work in little business sectors, you’d expect the volume of their Facebook communications to be below. In any case, it’s not. Incredible Whitetails draws near to 54,000 collaborations per month.


What’s more, they do it by taking a quite certain, extremely viable system. It includes:


Making very much marked pictures.

Working their logo into those pictures.

Posting ideal and tomfoolery content.

Utilizing just top-notch pictures of their items.

Writing in the right tone and voice.


Incredible Whitetails Facebook Post

Investigate how Legendary Whitetails makes its marked Facebook pictures.


Eventually, making an excellent Facebook page – and receiving every one of the rewards of one – is a continuous interaction. Very much like your invention, it has a restricted timeframe of realistic usability. Unavoidably, it’ll be refreshed.


In this way, watch the effective Facebook pages in your space. Watch your rivals. Gain from their triumphs and disappointments. It’ll lessen the time you’ll spend figuring out how to update your Facebook page since you’ve previously perused a couple of ongoing contextual analyses.

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