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5 Smarter Ways To Do Online Shopping From India

Looking to shop from worldwide shopping sites, but don’t want to break the bank?

Online shopping can be intimidating when one does not know where to buy from. Finding good deals and product quality at the same time feels like an exploit. Down below we’ve compiled some shopping websites to help you shop smarter:

Here are the 5 smart ways to do online shopping from India:

  • Shop from trusted sources

Online shopping sites worldwide are present abundantly on the web. However, that makes naïve buyers susceptible to unfair practices. Make sure the website you shop from is legitimate. Do not provide sensitive information to uncertified sellers.

Verify an online store using tools like Google Safe Browsing. Look up the store on social media. Or reference their return and reference policy.

E-Commerce website Silkrute provides a safe shopping experience with the promise of quality products. The site also provides worldwide delivery on online shopping at modest prices. If on a budget, SilkRute is perfect for cheap online shopping worldwide.


  • Shop Off-Season and Clearance

Retailers get busy trying to get rid of previous season clothes in end-of-season sales. For instance, worldwide shopping sites offer big discounts on winter clothing as spring approaches. Clearance sales after a holiday bring the best deals to purchase holiday items. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to stock up on items you can use eventually.


Always be on the lookout for the clearance section. Sometimes items from your cart will be available on clearance saving you a lot of money. If an item catches your eye, let it sit on the shelf for about eight weeks. Subsequently, the item will move to clearance replaced by a new arrival. The trick is to be observant. Try asking around in case you don’t find your desired item.

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  • Use coupons

Most people never explore the amazing potential of coupons. Before you pay, make sure to look for coupons available on your purchase. They’re easily available online, only a few clicks away. All you have to do is look for coupons in the distributor’s name. And Viola! Enter the coupon code while checking out to apply it.

Online websites like Rakuten and are great for coupon hunting. You can find coupons for most brands along with cashback. Coupons help you shop cheap worldwide online. 

Brands offer email newsletters to notify customers of sales and deals. Signing up for one lets you know when a sale happens, new arrivals, and coupons.


  • Check Reviews

Convinced to buy that product you like? Check the reviews first. Before you make up your mind read the reviews to know whether you are getting what you’re told. Mention of quality, size, and functionality should be probed first. If you are skeptical about the reviews, then approach the seller directly. Fake reviews exist and if an item looks too good to be true. It just might be.

Instead of looking at the star ratings, scan through written reviews. Be cautious of brands you are not familiar with and check the recent reviews. Take positive reviews on online worldwide shopping sites with a grain of salt and watch out for a product with all-positive reviews.


  • Read The Refund Policy

Bad products sometimes make their way into our shopping bags. Or they’re simply not for you. In such instances, one should be able to demand a return and a refund.  Websites like SilkRute provide a clear guideline on their return policy and terms of a refund.

If not mentioned separately. The period of return, method of re-shipping, refund policy, etc. should be described on the website FAQ. You can also inquire about the retailer using the customer helpline. Avoid online shopping websites that beat around the bush do not specify regulations.


Conclusion:  Online shopping is a boon for the convenience of buyers. Consequently, this has made it important for buyers to shop smartly and steer clear of scams. Online shopping can be super fun and cheap, as long as one knows how to do it.

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