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5 Best Ways To Win A Bid In A Hot Housing Market!

After searching for months, you have finally found the dream home you had been looking for. You are all set to take the big step toward housing to acquire the property, and that is when you find out that there are several other home buyers like you vying for the same house. You will most likely find yourself in a bidding war when the availability of houses is low and the demand is high. Even if there is one person bidding on the house you have your eyes on, you must work hard to make your offer more attractive.

If the property becomes the ‘IT’ thing in a week, you may have to be a part of a bidding war where everyone tries to push prices higher than the other. While winning a bidding war may be a click of fate, there are several steps you can try to turn things in your favor. Below I will discuss some effective strategies that will also provide you coursework help and help you win a bidding war and avoid the heartbreak of your dream home slipping away from your grip.

  1. Keep your preapproval letter ready

Before you start hunting for a house, make sure you always keep your mortgage preapproved. It comes with bank statements, a precise amount of mortgage based on your W-2s, credit score and more official documentation. To get your mortgage preapproved, you must be familiar with the prequalification process. The prequalification comes with an estimated loan amount that is mostly based on the verbal confirmation of your income and other details.

Your preapproval letter will tell the seller how serious you are about buying the house. It also clarifies that you will not get into any trouble when getting a mortgage for buying a property. In case you do not get approval, your offer might get killed by the seller.

  1. Make sure to make the biggest offer

The easiest way of bidding war in any housing market is to offer the most money. The seller will obviously notice the lump sum you are offering. Sellers expect to see offers going above the list price when facing a hot housing market. Your agent can give you an estimated price of the houses in that area that have been sold in the recent weeks and months. It will give you an idea of how much amount is realistic. But it is up to you how far you may stretch the amount to get the house based on how much you value the house and your budget.

First-timers tend to start carefully before losing their calm seeing others taking away your home and end up overpaying.

However, you should never become emotional and ignore your budget. If you see it does not fit your budget, you should learn to walk away from it.

So, how do you tell the competition you have to face to acquire your dream house? You may ask your real estate agent to help you get in touch with the listing agent or sellers. They will surely have valuable insights. Your real estate agent can use local housing market data to strike a perfect balance between securing your home and saving money.

  1. Try being flexible with the closing date

Suppose you had been outbid by a thousand dollars. But you do not mind giving the seller more time to move out. Such flexibility can make you the front-runner in the bidding war. When you provide them extra time to close, the seller might find it attractive who otherwise may have been spending on moving expenses or not have sufficient time for getting another home, especially when handling a tight market. However, if a house is vacant, you may win over the seller by giving them a shorter time to close.

  1. Try using an escalation clause

You can strengthen your offers by using an escalation clause in a bidding offer. It is basically a contract addendum that clearly states that you are completely fine with increasing the offer in case other’s offers come in the match with your offer or get higher than your initial bid.

Find out if escalation clauses are actually acceptable to your prospective home seller in a year. This determines that there is a way to avoid being outbid.

Set the maximum amount you are willing to pay when bidding for the house. The best way to prevent your seller from opting for maximum right away and pretending it was another seller than drove your price that high. Make sure to ask for proof of the existence of the competing offer.

  1. Avoid cutting yourself out after a bidding war

When managing a competitive housing market, there is always a chance for you to lose in more than one bidding war. It might be disappointing, but you should not give up. This is why buyers are often asked to stay in touch with their agents. Also, keep track of other offers so you have a backup when the deal falls through.


It is essential to up your bidding game if you want your dream house. You need to stay ready to make decisions and revise the offer. Several factors are there that can break or make your bidder war on your dream house.   Following effective strategies can set you on the right course of direction and their assignment help you win bidding for your home.

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